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Friday, November 21, 2014

TV Review:Stalker

Premise:A task force investigates crimes dealing with stalkers.

Cast:Maggie Q as Beth Davis, Dylan McDermott as Jack Larsen, Victor Rasuk as Ben Caldwell, Mariana Klaveno as Janice Lawrence, Elisabeth Röhm as Amanda Taylor, Erik Stocklin as Perry Whitely

Genres:Crime, drama, thriller

Notes:Poster taken from IMDB.

Pros:Strong main characters. Intense situations. Interesting story arcs.

Cons:Background characters are pretty undeveloped. Some crime show clichés. Unnecessary twists.

By now, there have been several crime shows that have dealt with a specific offense rather than any that comes along (Bones has murder, Law & Order:SVU has rape). Why not a show about stalkers? For the main characters you've got Beth Davis, who has a mysterious past. Then there's Jack Larsen, himself stalking his ex and their son. And said ex just so happens to work in the same place.

The main characters are pretty cool and have my interest. They do the job, they do it well and their vague but not too vague stories make me want more. The background characters, not really. We know very little about them and aren't given much reason to care about them.

But it does give us the kind of creepiness that you'd want in a show dealing with this kind of thing. You feel creeped out knowing that someone's out there watching you (well not you specifically, but you know what I mean) and wondering what they're planning. It could be rape, could be death, maybe they'll kill your loved ones, or maybe you know exactly what they'll do and that's what worries you.

A few episodes get a little too stretched out and throw in twists that seem to be there just for shock value. That's a little annoying, but the overreaching plots (the stalking going on in the main characters' lives) are going places.

Overall, it delivers on the creepy and tense factors and is worth watching.

Sex:There's discussion of whether stalkers have sexual feelings for their obsessions or not, by extension bringing up the subject of rape. There are also discussions of consensual sex, casual relationships, and sexualized clothing. Women are shown in mildly revealing clothes (cleavage and midriff, mainly, but there's at least one bikini). People have sex onscreen, but not enough to go past the TV-14 rating.

Violence:Typical of this kind of show. Guns, chases, stabbings, fires, threats against the obsessions of stalkers, dead victims, bloody bodies, etc.

Language:H*ll is the only one I remember. There are probably other words, though.

Drugs/Alcohol:Characters talk about and are shown having drinks.

Spiritual:One episode deals with a house that many believe to be haunted. In another, a Bible verse is used as a threat.

So what was your opinion?

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