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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TV Review:The Walking Dead, Season 1

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General thoughts:Ah, season 1. When the whole zombie apocalypse thing was brand new. When the Shane/Lori/Rick love triangle grew its roots. When several later annoying characters were tolerable. When others I just didn't like much.

Like much of the rest of the show, it bounces between being hopeful about the future and being pessimistic with all the death and the loss of the world we had before. And you will find characters you just wish would shut up.

It's surprisingly short as far as TV seasons go (only 6 episodes), so unless you watch it only once in a great while, you'll get through it pretty fast. If you're buying it, you may want to get it in a bundle pack with another season.

Overall, if you don't get into the show while watching this season, then don't bother with the rest because the tone doesn't change.

Episode list

1. Days Gone By
Premise:A comatose man wakes up in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.
Thoughts:This is just introducing you to Rick and Shane and overall, it moves pretty slow. Plus the characters are pretty ridiculous about gun usage (it gets worse after Rick specifically says to conserve ammo and then himself wastes it). But it does have some moments of sympathy and sadness that keep it from being a complete wreck.
2. Guts
Premise:A group of people in Atlanta help Rick escape the walkers.
Thoughts:This picks up a little more than the pilot did. For one, it introduces several new characters. The way Andrea comes across when she's introduced really doesn't help her reputation. And Merle you're meant to hate as soon as you see him. But others like Glenn work well. On another note, there are a couple plot conveniences and questionable coincidences. Overall, a decent episode.
3. Tell It To The Frogs
Premise:Rick joins the group his wife, his son, and his best friend are in. Tensions arise at the discovery he isn't dead.
Thoughts:Well, first there's that weird opening scene of Merle talking to himself and acting nuts. That didn't really have much of an impact on the episode. And the whole thing was kind of slow. Overall, while it had its moments, it's not a great episode.
4. Vatos
Premise:A gang captures Glenn.
Thoughts:Now this is where it starts to get really interesting. The deaths have started and the tension is high. Best episode of the season.
5. Wildfire
Premise:Death and danger shakes the group's morale.
Thoughts:Decent overall. There were a few touching moments between mourning characters. One of the dead I wish had lasted a little longer, while another is starting to show signs of villainy. On the downside, it feels like it runs past what its natural stopping point should have been and a couple of characters claim to have their words twisted when they failed to properly explain themselves in the first place.
6. TS-19
Premise:The group may have found a safe place at last.
Thoughts:The opening flashback did have a nice friendship vibe (too bad it wouldn't last). The episode overall starts off seeming like it's going to be lighter, but then swerves straight into bleak once again.

So how did you like season 1?

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