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Friday, December 19, 2014

Album Review:Comatose Comes Alive


Genres:Christian rock

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:I have a confession to make. I haven't been to a concert. I'm not sure if I ever will be. But that's what DVDs are for, right?

Since this is the post-Comatose tour, that's the majority of the music here. I'm a little disappointed "Falling Inside The Black" didn't make it on here, but that's a minor thing. I felt exhilarated watching it, getting the feeling that comes with epic rock music.

Be aware that the "behind the scenes" video doesn't actually tell you anything. It's just backstage footage set to "The Older I Get". But you will get several official music videos. And if you register the CD by signing up for the mailing list, you can get some bonus tracks (mostly acoustic versions of songs).

Overall, it's a great release and I recommend checking it out.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Comatose
3. Whispers In The Dark
4. Collide
5. Forsaken
6. The Older I Get
7. The Last Night
8. Better Than Drugs
9. Those Nights
10. Yours To Hold
11. Rebirthing
12. My Obsession
13. Angels Fall Down
14. Savior
15. Best Kept Secret

Bonus tracks
16. Live Free Or Let Me Die (B-side)
17. Rebirthing (acoustic)
18. Yours To Hold (acoustic)
19. The Older I Get (acoustic)
20. Whispers In The Dark (acoustic)
21. Say Goodbye (acoustic)

DVD scenes and features

1. Intro
2. Comatose
3. Whispers In The Dark
4. Collide
5. Forsaken
6. The Older I Get
7. The Last Night
8. Better Than Drugs
9. Those Nights
10. Yours To Hold
11. Rebirthing
12. My Obsession
13. Angels Fall Down
14. Savior
15. Best Kept Secret
16. Rebirthing (video)
17. Whispers In The Dark (video)
18. The Older I Get (behind the scenes video)
19. Savior (video)

Content warnings:Mostly just the warnings that applied to Comatose.

So what was your opinion?

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