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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Album Review:Peace On Earth

Artist:Casting Crowns

Songwriters and composers:Whoever wrote the carols originally. Also Mark Hall, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Paul Baloche, and Robert MacGimsey.

Genres:Gospel, Christmas/holiday

Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:Is it surprising most of the songs here relate directly to Christ?

There are several songs that really weren't that great. While the lyrics are often good, the music itself leaves something to be desired. Of the songs I did like, there was an emotional and often haunting quality.

Overall, get it if you're a Casting Crowns fan. Otherwise, skip it.

Track Listing

1. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
Thoughts:This one, I'm not sure how to describe. It's the kind of song you watch some video for online and then it makes you feel, I don't know. Good song though.
2. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Thoughts:Decent song, though nothing special.
3. Joy To The World
Thoughts:To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan of this carol and this rendition does nothing to change that.
4. While You Were Sleeping [Christmas version]
Thoughts:This one is centered more on the birth of Christ than the version off Lifesong. Either way, not bad.
5. Silent Night
Thoughts:This one's nice and mellow. Decent, though some vocals get under my skin.
6. God Is With Us
Thoughts:And here's the Casting Crowns female-led song for this album. It's about love, God, and His presence being with us. Fairly good.
7. Away In A Manger
Thoughts:The vocals kind of irritate me, so not big on this one.
8. Christmas Offering
Thoughts:This is about giving God an offering. Not that great.
9. Sweet Little Jesus Boy
Thoughts:When Jesus came to the world, people ignored and hated Him. Hey, people still do. Anyway, the lyrics are good, but the song itself doesn't do much for me.
10. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Thoughts:This is an instrumental version of the old song. It ends up capturing the haunting style of the carol that I like, and provides a good ending.

So what was your opinion?

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