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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Album Review:Smell The Color 9

Artist:Chris Rice

Songwriters:Chris Rice, Monroe Jones

Genres:Pop, adult contemporary, alternative

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:Most of the artists I listened to often at one point in my life have now passed into "hey, I remember that." Among them is Chris Rice.

There are two styles of songs here:The more upbeat, and the quieter and more introspective. There are good and bad examples of both. And the lyrics range from the light-hearted and a little silly to the more serious and emotional.

Overall, I've heard worse. If you like your Christian music a little unorthodox, consider picking this up.

Track Listing

1. Questions For Heaven
Thoughts:This maintains a circus music sound throughout. It's about questions one wants to ask God (some about serious spiritual matters, others just out of curiosity).
2. Smell The Color 9
Thoughts:This is about trying to believe in God when it seems like you aren't getting any response. Not too bad.
3. Belong
Thoughts:This is about finding the place where you belong (with some help from God). I'm not a huge fan.
4. The Face Of Christ
Thoughts:This, I'm told, is about not looking down on people in hard situations or who have made mistakes. One of the best songs here, starting slow and melancholy, with a more dramatically sung chorus.
5. Home Tonight
Thoughts:This is about reconciling with someone (probably a parent) after you've left home. Pretty good.
6. Magic Wand
Thoughts:This is about a magician putting on a show and making someone wish they had their own magic wand. Not bad at all.
7. Sailing With Russell
Thoughts:This is about being out and enjoying life and God's creation. Something about the vocals puts me off.
8. My Prayer
Thoughts:This is a somewhat sad track about praying (shocking, I know) when you're hurting. Definitely worth a listen.
9. Somebody's Watchin'
Thoughts:This is about the fact that wherever you go, God is still there. Not too bad.
10. Life Means So Much
Thoughts:This is about making every day count. I've heard several songs like this, and I can't really get that into them. This is no exception.

So what was your opinion?

© 2014 by M.R.R.


Shannon Lawrence said...

Questions for Heaven sounds interesting. Circus music?

M.R. R. said...

@ Shannon Lawrence
Just the first song.