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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Album Review:The Altar And The Door

Artist:Casting Crowns

Songwriters and composers:Mark Hall


Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:I want to finish this because their next album was the Christmas one.

The first three-quarters of the album is the best of the whole thing and the most serious. There are surprisingly few straight-up praise and worship songs and the ones here are average quality, nothing more.

Overall, if you like angsty gospel or the band, give it a listen.

Track Listing

1. What The World Needs
Thoughts:This is by far the most aggressive song. It's about what the world really needs (namely Christ) instead of a million other things that aren't really helping. Not too bad, but the speaking part near the end wasn't exactly stellar.
2. Every Man
Thoughts:This asks the simple question "Is there hope?" and sounds quite a bit different from the last song. Worth a listen.
3. Slow Fade
Thoughts:Rarely does a person change for the worse suddenly. It's slower and more subtle than that. On the whole, satisfying. And the little girl singing at the end is a nice touch.
4. East To West
Thoughts:This is about feeling fear and regret even though you remember that God has forgiven you. Fairly good.
5. The Word Is Alive
Thoughts:This is frequently misspelled as "The World Is Alive". Anyway, it's about Jesus destroying the darkness, being hope, lasting forever, etc. and serves as the album's heaviest song.
6. The Altar And The Door
Thoughts:Here, you just go straight to God and start to weep because you feel so bad. It's a little more upbeat than you'd expect, and fairly good.
7. Somewhere In The Middle
Thoughts:This one seems to be about being in the middle every time, and how it isn't working. Not bad.
8. I Know You're There
Thoughts:Casting Crowns tends to have one song per album that's all female vocals. And this one is about feeling God's presence. Decent song.
9. Prayer For A Friend
Thoughts:This a slow song about exactly what the title says. I'm not really a fan.
10. All Because Of Jesus
Thoughts:This credits Jesus with saving the speaker and bringing him to life. My reaction overall is meh. Also, there's a hidden track at about 7:20 long after the main song has ended (not really a fan of hidden tracks anyway).

So what were your thoughts?

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