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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Album Review:The Legend Of Johnny Cash

Artist:Johnny Cash (duh)

Songwriters:Johnny Cash, Jack H. Clement, June Carter Cash, Merle Kilgore, Jerry Lieber, Billy Edd Wheeler, Sheldon Silverstein, Kris Kristofferson, Wayne Kemp, Jimmy Webb, Bono, Larry Mullen, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Chris Cornell, Geoff Mack, Trent Reznor


Notes:Album art taken from Wikipedia.

General thoughts:If you've listened to country music for very long, then you've most likely heard at least one Johnny Cash song.

This overall is what I think of when you say "country." It has a little bit of everything when it comes to Cash's style. Some of it's silly, some is sad, some is about relationships.

Overall, if you find it for cheap and you're only recently getting into Johnny Cash, it might be worth getting.

Track Listing

1. Cry, Cry, Cry
Thoughts:Here, a less-than-faithful woman looks for a man. It's okay.
2. Hey Porter
Thoughts:This is an upbeat track about traveling by train back home. Not bad.
3. Folsom Prison Blues
Thoughts:Someone laments being in prison and wishes for freedom. Definitely worth it.
4. I Walk The Line
Thoughts:Here, the singer promises to stay faithful to his love. It's not bad.
5. Get Rhythm
Thoughts:This is about cheering up no matter the situation. Too cheery for me.
6. Big River
Thoughts:This mourns losing a girlfriend who no longer loves you. I kind of liked it.
7. Guess Things Happen That Way
Thoughts:This is about a relationship that ended. It's less of a break-up song and more of a "I don't like it, but I have to live with it" song. It's not bad.
8. Ring Of Fire
Thoughts:Love is often compared to fire. Fairly good.
9. Jackson
Thoughts:This is about an arguing married couple. Eh, it's okay.
10. A Boy Named Sue [Live]
Thoughts:This tells the story of a boy whose dad named him Sue and the results of that. It's worth a listen.
11. Sunday Morning Coming Down
Thoughts:And after the silly, we get sad. Still, not bad.
12. Man In Black
Thoughts:This is about a man who dresses in black to mourn injustices. It's one of the best songs here.
13. One Piece At A Time
Thoughts:This is a silly song about a guy building a car from spare parts. Kind of funny.
14. Highwayman with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson & Waylon Jennings
Thoughts:This one's about a dying guy who keeps on coming back. Not bad.
15. The Wanderer ft. U2
Thoughts:This is a more mellow track about a stranger passing through a bad place. Pretty good.
16. Delia's Gone
Thoughts:This is about a guy who killed his girlfriend. Eh, not great.
17. Rusty Cage
Thoughts:Here we have a fast-paced song about escaping confines. One of the better songs.
18. I've Been Everywhere
Thoughts:This is one of the most upbeat and fast-paced songs here. In fact, it moves a little too fast in places. But it's fairly good.
19. Give My Love To Rose
Thoughts:This is a sad song about a dying man wishing a stranger to tell his family he loves them. Not too bad.
20. The Man Comes Around [Early take]
Thoughts:This an end-of-the-world song with a lot of references to various Bible verses. It's pretty good.
21. Hurt originally by Nine Inch Nails
Thoughts:This is about pain, friendships ending, and hopelessness. Even though it's a cover, I would call this Johnny Cash's best.

Content warnings:"Boy Named Sue" has mild language, drinking, and a planned murder. "Sunday Morning Coming Down" references drinking beer for breakfast and contains the line "I'm wishing Lord that I was stoned". "Hurt" references drug use ("The needle tears a hole"). A couple of others tracks mention killing people. "Highwayman" uses the word "bas**rd" and tells how the speaker supposedly died.

So what was your opinion?

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