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Friday, December 05, 2014

Things Christmas Stories Should Stop Doing

I love a good Christmas special as much as anybody. But certain things start to get under my skin after a while.

Treating Santa Claus as the only reason to celebrate
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Yeah, it's a nice story and all, but why in the world do movies act like Santa not visiting would destroy everything? What about Jesus, family, togetherness, and stuff like that? Why is a guy not delivering presents going to result in the end of happiness?

Ripping off It's A Wonderful Life
Inevitably, the world without this character is going to be so awful and clearly needs them still. This story-line is old and overused by now. Give it a rest.

Treating anyone who doesn't believe in Santa as misguided, cynical, or unhappy
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See my first complaint. I'm going to assume most of you reading this have long stop believing in the existence of the jolly fat man and that you are still capable of optimism and happiness. But you wouldn't know that from the movies because they act like if you stop believing in St. Nick, then you can't possible know joy or the thrill of imagination.

Having one character who doesn't celebrate Christmas because of tragedy
Something bad happened on or near the actual day and the still-very-present pain made them decide to skip everything. But the need to redeem the holiday in someone's eyes is getting old.

So what Christmas special clichés are you sick of?

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