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Friday, August 29, 2014

Movie Review:Spider-Man 3

Premise:As his relationship with Mary Jane turns rocky, Spider-Man also has a vengeful friend, a competitive co-worker, and a now-super-powered robber to deal with.

Cast:Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, James Franco as Harry Osborn, Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko/Sandman, Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom, Rosemary Harris as Aunt May, Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy, J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, James Cromwell as Captain Stacy, Dylan Baker as Dr. Curt Connors

Director:Sam Raimi

MPAA Rating:PG-13 for sequences of intense action violence

Genres:Sci-fi, action

Notes:Poster taken from IMP Awards and screenshots from Rotten Tomatoes. All belong to Sony Pictures.

Pros:Mary Jane is handled somewhat better this time.

Cons:The way the villains are handled. Several clueless or pointless characters. Waits too long to make the symbiote relevant. Emo Peter.

Things are looking up for Spider-Man. The public is starting to warm up to him a little more. Peter Parker is having worse luck, given that Mary Jane isn't exactly happy with him.

Since I was not a big fan of the first two movies, I watched this just to see if I'd have a totally different opinion from the popular one. The short answer is no, I didn't.

When In Doubt...


I've just been having some doubts. Sometimes I'm not sure if this is the right way. Sometimes I think some of the other Christians I meet are mean. Sometimes I don't know what I should do.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Book Review:Speak

Premise:A depressed teen faces the aftermath of calling the cops on a party last summer.

Author:Laurie Halse Anderson


Notes:Cover taken from Laurie Halse Anderson's website.

Pros:The protagonist.

Cons:Useless parents. Stereotypes.

As you might imagine, calling the cops on a party last summer has not made Melinda Sordino popular with her schoolmates. Now, she's alone and friendless trying to survive.

Reading stories about depressed characters tend to be interesting and a bit disturbing. Melinda talks about washing her face to nothing, screams into jackets, and wants to tell someone what happened that made her this way but can't. She is well-written and in serious need of a hug.

Women Of Thor:The Dark World

So I've been thinking and reading about this movie and how well it portrays women. So I've decided to write this to see how well each female character is done. All photos are from Rotten Tomatoes (except Frigga's, which is from Marvel's website and the first movie). And in case you haven't figured it out, spoilers!

Jane Foster

The bad news:She spends much of the movie needed to be protected. According to Darcy, she also stopped looking at her equipment, indicating she's giving up science or was. Her finding the Aether is what causes the whole mess in the first place.

On the bright side:She goes back to her research when it appears to have hope, and at the end, she helps destroy Malekith (using science!).


The bad news:She gets killed to cause Loki and Thor pain.

On the bright side:She takes on Malekith by herself and almost wins. She also shows some skills with illusions. (And I wouldn't mind if they decide #Friggalives.)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia:Galaxy Quest

Image credit:Tom Ray's Flickr
The review's here.

  • What do you suppose Laliari was saying while her translator was broken?

  • Did you notice how nervous and uncertain the Thermians looked when Mathesar talked about the ridiculousness of the crew sharing traits with Sarris?

Movie Review:Galaxy Quest

Premise:The cast of a sci-fi show are mistaken by aliens for real heroes.

Cast:Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith, Sigourney Weaver as Gwen DeMarco, Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane, Daryl Mitchell as Tommy Webber, Tony Shalhoub as Fred Kwan, Sam Rockwell as Guy, Enrico Colantoni as Mathesar, Robin Sachs as Sarris, Jed Rees as Teb, Missi Pyle as Laliari, Patrick Breen as Quellek, Justin Long as Brandon

Director:Dean Parisot

MPAA Rating:PG for some action violence, mild language and sensuality

Genres:Comedy, sci-fi

Notes:Poster taken from IMP Awards.

Pros:It's funny. The Thermians. Entertaining characters. The villain. An actual plot.

Cons:A couple mildly annoying characters.

After thirty or so years, Star Trek could use a spoof movie or two.

An entire race of aliens, the Thermians, base their life and ship on what they think are historical documents, but what is actually a cheesy sci-fi show. It's a little sad (which is played up), but at the same time, it's hilarious. So imagine the cast's surprise when these same aliens need help with an evil general.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fanfiction Review:Feed The Rain

I've decided fanfiction will be another category for reviews here. And because of how many authors pick their images, I'm just going to add a picture of something involved in the story.

Image credit:Bill Friend of Little Salt Spring on Wikimedia Commons

Premise:Jane Foster discovers the supposedly dead Loki has been visiting her and is obsessed with her.


Based on:Thor, Avengers, Thor:The Dark World, plus other Marvel movies (so spoilers!)

Rating:T (language, descriptions of sexual desire, and some violence)

Genres:Romance, supernatural

Notes:You can read it on Fanfiction here. Image included is not connected to story, but serves for the purpose of this review.

Pros:Doesn't rush into things on Jane's side. Loki.

Cons:Not a lot actually happens beyond exposition. One of the original characters.

Jane wishes she could hate him and stop thinking about him. But even after seeing everything he did, somehow she can't. But he's dead, isn't he? Well, not quite.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia For Thor:The Dark World

The review can be found here. Also, Loki overload alert!

Source:Rotten Tomatoes

Please don't make this worse.
Define worse.
-He has a point there.

  • I heard it noted Loki referring to himself as Loki of Jotunheim was out of character. Or maybe he's denying connection to Odin as he did to the Frost Giants in the first film.

It's not that I don't love our little talks, it's just, I don't love them.
-He sure has gotten snarky.

    • This is the first film in this series in which Heimdall smiles and also the first where he removes his helmet.

    Monday, August 11, 2014

    Movie Review For Thor:The Dark World

    Premise:A cosmic alignment leads to the release of an ancient enemy determined to destroy everything in the universe.

    Cast:Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Christopher Eccleston as Malekith, Rene Russo as Frigga, Kat Dennings as Darcy, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Adewale Akinnuove-Agbaje as Algrim, Stellan Skarsgå as Erik Selvig, Ray Stevenson as Volstagg, Jaimie Alexander as Sif, Tadanobu Asano as Hogun, Zachary Levi as Fandrall, Chris O'Dowd as Richard

    Director:Alan Taylor

    MPAA Rating:PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some suggestive content

    Genres:Fantasy, sci-fi, action

    Notes:Takes place after the events of Thor and The Avengers. Images taken from IMP Awards and Rotten Tomatoes and belongs to Marvel.

    Pros:Deals with Loki better than the trailers would have you believe. Thor is much more likable than last time. Minor characters. Several things that will make you say "That's awesome." Asgard is gorgeous.

    Cons:Generic villain. Goes overboard on the humor. Odin. How it deals with Selvig. Some plot holes and inconsistencies.

    Another evil alien. Another super-powerful artifact. Another battle for our hero.

    Like Iron Man 3, the trailers don't give you an accurate impression of what actually happens in the film. However, in this case, that's a good thing. There's no significant love triangle. Loki isn't busted out as soon as the dark elves appear.

    Friday, August 08, 2014

    Album Review:DC Talk

    Artist:DC Talk

    Songwriters:Toby McKeehan and Richard Hartline

    Genres:Rap/hip-hop, gospel

    General thoughts:Every band has to start somewhere. And it seems to me, the first album tends to be either a great example of what they can do that you cherish years later, or something forgettable and kind of embarrassing. This album is the latter. It came out at the end of the 80's, and certainly sounds like it.

    One song tells you to listen to some decent Christian rap with DC Talk as your host. And that's exactly what you'll do if you pick up this album.

    Wednesday, August 06, 2014

    I Joined IWSG

    Okay, so I signed up for IWSG. I've thought about it for a little while. But recently, I have been in need of some general encouragement.

    But let's focus on problems I've had with my writing (which are mostly blog-related and will turn into random ramblings here). There's one series of posts I have trouble writing week after week (the ones specifically related to my beliefs as a Christian). I usually end up rushing them and they aren't as deep as I would like.

    Monday, August 04, 2014

    Movie Review:Spider-Man 2

    Premise:Whilst trying to keep his relationship with Mary Jane afloat, Spider-Man also has to deal with a scientist turned supervillain.

    Cast:Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, Alfred Molina as Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, James Franco as Harry Osborn, Rosemary Harris as
    Aunt May, J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, Daniel Gilles as John Jameson, Donna Murphy as Rosalie Octavius

    Director:Sam Raimi

    MPAA Rating:PG-13 for stylized action violence

    Genres:Sci-fi, action

    Notes:Poster taken from IMP Awards.

    Pros:Genuine grief. A couple of quips.

    Cons:Annoying romance. Overhyped villain. Rehashes the first movie's plot. Several things don't make sense. Several pointless scenes.

    Now in college, Peter Parker's still working hard as a superhero and a struggling student. Aunt May is still mourning Uncle Ben, Mary Jane is upset with Peter, and Harry wants revenge on Spider-Man.

    Have you ever seen a movie that everyone went on and on about how it's so great, then you saw it and thought "What's the big deal?" That's what I think about this.

    Friday, August 01, 2014

    Soundtrack Review:Frozen

    Songwriters and composers:Christophe Beck, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and Robert Lopez

    Soundtrack, pop

    Notes:Album art taken from Wikipedia.

    General thoughts:
    When I wrote my review for one of Disney's recent hits, I expressed disappointment with the music. Some of it was good, but most of it was just, meh.

    While Kristen Bell's voice was ultimately better than Idina Menzel's, her character was more annoying and her lyrics harder to take seriously.

    The score was nothing to get excited about. And in some places, it skipped (which might have just been my computer, though).

    So overall, if you like the movie, you should get this. Otherwise, buy the tracks you like and be done with it.