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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Album Review For Shine:The Hits


Songwriters and composers:Peter Furler, Steve Taylor, Phil Joel, Toby McKeehan, Jeff Frankenstein, Jody Davis

Genres:Christian pop

Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:This is an old "greatest hits" album with a few previously unreleased recordings. Many of the songs here are the kind that make you bob your head, tap your foot, and just move to the beat.

Overall, if you're getting into Newsboys and want to hear some of their older stuff, this is for you.

Track Listing

1. Shine (remix)
Thoughts:This one is about letting yourself be noticeably different because of Jesus. Pretty good.
2. I'm Not Ashamed
Thoughts:Continuing the trend, this states emphatically that Christ is not something to be ashamed of. Also a fair listen.
3. Breakfast
Thoughts:Here's a song about mourning a friend wrapped in an upbeat tune that could make you think otherwise. Still going strong.
4. Reality
Thoughts:The band wants to remind you that in reality, God wants you to come to Him. Still liking the music.
5. Take Me To Your Leader
Thoughts:Here, some people are starting to notice this guy has something going on his life that he finds fulfilling. Meh.
6. Joy
Thoughts:This one's about the joy Jesus gives you. One of my favorites.
7. Entertaining Angels
Thoughts:This seems to be about angels keeping an eye on you. Another meh.
8. Praises
Thoughts:There's really only one thing you have for God when everything's down the drain. There's a more mellow sound here, which works in its favor.
9. Spirit Thing
Thoughts:This tries to explain the connection between a guy and the Holy Spirit. Not bad.
10. Woohoo
Thoughts:This seems to be encouragement to someone. Decent, not great.
11. Step Up To The Microphone
Thoughts:This one's a more jazzy song about Jesus being the only way to God. Not bad.
12. God Is Not A Secret (remix) with TobyMac
Thoughts:Here, somebody's trying to discourage sharing things about God because it's offensive, and the speaker is having none of it. Not big on this song.
13. Where You Belong/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Thoughts:This is a modified version of an old hymn and is a quiet break between tracks. Easy to skip.
14. Who
Thoughts:This declares that you are following Jesus and no other God. Fairly good.
15. Believe
Thoughts:This starts off with a string section, and talks about believing in something even why you aren't always sure why. Worth a listen.
16. I've Got Your Number
Thoughts:This has a vocalist other than Peter Furler (how many times has this band changed their main singer anyway?) and is about being able to reach God at any time. Not that great.
17. Mega-Mix
Thoughts:This takes several of the songs here and sticks them all together in a long, dance-worthy track. The low "woohoos" aren't a bonus. Still, not a bad ending.

So what was your opinion?

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