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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Album Review:12 Stones

Artist:12 Stones

Songwriters:Paul McCoy, Eric Weaver, Patrick Quave, Kevin Dorr


Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:While their more recent stuff has wandered away from the Christian rock genre, this old album has some definite connections to that industry.

You may find several tracks blending together in your head because they sound so similar it's hard to tell the difference. There's some general rock (and Christian) subjects here like looking for God in the midst of pain, telling someone to back off, wanting to do something with your life, etc.

There was some screaming here, which often felt out of place or unnecessary. I'm not against screaming in rock music, but you've got to do it right.

Overall, while I liked it, it's not for everybody. This is another "one listen, buy the good stuff" album.

Track Listing

1. Crash
Thoughts:Here, you might feel lost, but God is still there. Not a bad beginning.
2. Broken
Thoughts:This is about feeling broken and needing help. Meh.
3. The Way I Feel
Thoughts:In this, the speaker acknowledges a need for God, especially during a rather stressful time. It's one of the better songs here.
4. Open Your Eyes
Thoughts:This tells someone to look around and be careful about their choices. Not too bad.
5. Home
Thoughts:This is about going back home after things haven't gone too well. It will come off as a good declaration of going back where you belong to some, and an over-done and poorly executed idea to others.
6. Fade Away
Thoughts:You might wish a certain person would approve of you, but best not let their lack of it kill you. Not too bad.
7. Back Up
Thoughts:This tells someone to stop copying the speaker and stay away. Decent.
8. SoulFire
Thoughts:This is about feeling great because of God. Eh, not that good.
9. In My Head
Thoughts:This is about the world in your own imagination. Not terrible, but it doesn't stand out either.
10. Running Out Of Pain
Thoughts:Here, someone wants to guide a friend through agony, but also tells them that they hold the key to their own freedom. Meh.
11. My Life
Thoughts:This barks at someone to back off and stop telling the speaker what to do. Another song that's just okay.
12. Eric's Song
Thoughts:This expresses exhaustion with feeling lonely and running from God. Not too bad.

So how did you like it?

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