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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Album Review:Bloom

Artist:Audio Adrenaline

Songwriters:Barry Blair, Bob Herdman, Will McGinniss, Mark Stuart

Genres:Christian rock

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:Another band/album that I've heard a lot of around here for years.

It sometimes feels like some of those songs that don't express the message in a way that feels entertaining or cool. It sounds kind of like an enthusiastic kid, which might be endearing to some, but not to me. I'm all for expressing your love for God and how amazing He is in music, but I have to enjoy the song in question. And truthfully, there's little here that I do like.

Overall, there are a few good songs, but the album as a whole is a little weak.

Track Listing

1. Secret
Thoughts:This is about knowing the "secret" of God's path to salvation. Meh, not good.
2. Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus
Thoughts:This is about the fact that no matter what you do in your life or how famous you get, you can never be bigger than Jesus. Decent.
3. Good People
Thoughts:This is about all the various Christians around. Also decent, though far from great.
4. I'm Not The King
Thoughts:This is about Jesus being above every other person calling themselves kings. Not too bad.
5. Walk On Water
Thoughts:This is about the simple fact that with Jesus, nothing is impossible. Also not that bad.
6. See Through
Thoughts:This tells someone that God loves them (and that the speaker sometimes misses opportunities). Another meh.
7. Free Ride
Thoughts:This is about getting a chance to go somewhere with someone without a price. It's okay.
8. Man Of God
Thoughts:Sometimes, you're a good person, or at least an all right one. The track has a more mellow sound to it, and is my favorite song here.
9. Gloryland
Thoughts:This is Jesus offering to take a soul with Him. Not that bad.
10. Jazz Odyssey
Thoughts:This is just a little throwaway track about a guy advertising a jazz number that's apparently pretty popular.
11. Bag Lady
Thoughts:This asks God to make the broken and lonely feel wanted and healed. One of the better songs.
12. I Hear Jesus Calling
Thoughts:This one's about exactly what the title says. It has a strange, echo-y quality. Meh.
13. Memoir
Thoughts:This one seems to be about your life past your prime. Also meh.

So what did you think?

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