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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Album Review:Collide


Songwriters and composers:John L. Cooper, Kevin Kadish, Korey Cooper, Paul Ebersold


Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:I seem to be hearing most of Skillet's newer stuff first. Now for a little of their older stuff.

Almost every song is hard rock, and many of them are about plain old pain. A few of them seem aimed at teens who are feeling out of place, though it can apply generally to people who feel like failures.

Overall, it's worth a listen.

Track Listing

Original release
1. Forsaken
2. Savior
3. Collide
4. A Little More
5. My Obsession
6. Fingernails
7. Imperfection
8. Under My Skin
9. Energy
10. Cycle Down

1. Forsaken
Thoughts:This one's about being on your knees after giving everything for someone and having just memories left. Fairly good.
2. Savior
Thoughts:Someone's watching you and wants to save you. It can sound like a stalker, but if you think of it from God's perspective, it is an awesome song.
3. Open Wounds
Thoughts:I've heard this is based on John Cooper's poor relationship with his father. It's rather aggressive and while a little dated, it's still worthwhile.
4. A Little More
Thoughts:I have to question the placement of a hopeful song about (not apparently romantic) love enduring through suffering immediately after the one about a bad relationship with a parent. With that out of the way, the song by itself is pretty good.
5. My Obsession
Thoughts:This seems to be about someone you are entirely obsessed with and can't be without. Decent.
6. Collide
Thoughts:Sometimes, the world likes to push you over and test every ounce of faith you have. Do you still hang onto it? In this string-supported track, the speaker's answer is yes. Not bad.
7. Fingernails
Thoughts:Do you ever just feel like no matter what you do, all your dreams and hopes are just out of reach and you just keep failing? There's plenty of angst, and it's not bad.
8. Imperfection
Thoughts:Sometimes, all your flaws and failures just overwhelm you. Sometimes, it feels like everyone else has things figured out and you don't. Also fairly good.
9. Under My Skin
Thoughts:This is about someone (possibly God) who takes away your pain and makes you feel serene. Worth a listen.
10. Energy
Thoughts:God might be upfront with you about His love, but He can be hard to figure out and impossible to run from. Decent song.
11. Cycle Down
Thoughts:This is about God keeping you from falling apart. Not bad, even though it sounds pretty similar to "Fingernails".

So what did you think?

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