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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Album Review:The Beautiful Letdown


Songwriters:Jonathan Foreman, Tim Foreman

Genres:Christian rock, alternative

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:Switchfoot again. This time with ponderings (is that a word?) about mortality and the human condition, plus a general sense of wanting something more than mediocrity and pain.

To be honest, I find this album a little overrated. It's not that it's bad or I don't like the band. But several tracks seem mediocre when compared to other songs of theirs. It doesn't seem to be the lyrics (they offer quite a few good quotes) so much as the overall impact of a few songs.

Overall, I would say give it a listen to see which tracks you like and then be done with it.

Track Listing

1. Meant To Live
Thoughts:This is about living for something bigger than ourselves and has a contemplative rock sound to it. Worth a listen.
2. This Is Your Life
Thoughts:This points out that yesterday is gone forever and all you have is today, then it goes on to ask if you're happy with where your life is. Fairly good.
3. More Than Fine
Thoughts:This is about wanting more than just being okay in your life. Not too bad.
4. Ammunition
Thoughts:This is about the fact that we create our own problems and much of the ones happening in the world. It's also one of the album's most aggressive (and best) tracks.
5. Dare You To Move
Thoughts:This is a remake of the song from Learning To Breathe. Still pretty good.
6. Redemption
Thoughts:This seems to be about putting aside doubts and flaws to find redemption. Enjoyable.
7. The Beautiful Letdown
Thoughts:This is about screwing up and hitting rock-bottom. Meh, nothing special.
8. Gone
Thoughts:This is about mortality and not wasting life. It's pretty hard not to move to its beat and maybe sing along with it.
9. On Fire
Thoughts:This is a love song. To be honest, I don't really like it.
10. Adding To The Noise
Thoughts:This is just a little track about turning it off should it add to the noise. Sound-wise, it's similar to "Gone". Decent, not brilliant.
11. Twenty-Four
Thoughts:This is about being spiritual alive. It's okay, but not one of the better songs.

So what did you think? Was it beautiful? Or just a letdown?

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