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Monday, January 12, 2015

Fanfiction Review:Fallen Star

Premise:Loki crashes on earth and searches for the Tesserect while under the care of Jane Foster, whom he starts to fall for.

Author:Alydia Rackham

Based on:The Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly Thor. Also Norse mythology.

Rated:T (violence and lots of angst)

Genres:Romance, hurt/comfort, fantasy

Notes:You can read it here.

Pros:Lets the relationship develop. Loki as a sympathetic character. The other characters are written well.

Cons:Somewhat cheesy. Occasional typos and errors. Some mean characters.

After a physically and emotionally taxing battle, no one would blame you for wanting some time to recover. Particularly if said battle was with your brother, whom you recently found out is not your biological relative. Now let's say you landed near his girlfriend, whom you threatened. And that she really needs to keep an eye on you because of your injuries.

Loki's portrayal (both in the films and in fan works) tends to be either pretty evil and somewhat sympathetic or pretty sympathetic and not that evil. The author is a fan of the latter and plays this up well, making it nearly impossible to not feel sorry for him. And the other characters are also done pretty well-written. They're not out-of-character, the things they do are just the kind of choices you can picture them making. Unfortunately, because of this, a few end up coming off as jerks.

The ultimate romance isn't rushed or forced. Before it happens, Loki and Jane have to learn how to talk to and respect each other. I still don't really ship these too, but the romance is still well-written. And it's more than just them sitting around trying to figure things out.

Overall, it's excellent work and if you're looking for good fanfiction, check it out.

Sex:Jane tells Loki to take off his shirt so she can look at an injury. She responds to his apparent discomfort by saying she already saw an Asgardian without a shirt. She gets flustered when Darcy says she (Jane) has been hanging out with hot alien men. When Jane and Loki read a storybook of Norse myths, they come across one about Thor disguising himself as a bride. They laugh wildly at the thought.
It's mentioned Loki would often admire women from afar while Thor would be the one they'd flock to. In a flashback, Loki sees a woman he thinks is beautiful. He makes the mistake of telling Thor, who spends the night flirting with this lady. A cruel prank puts a wedge between Loki and his ex-crush and makes them hate each other. A SHIELD agent tries flirting with Loki, but is ignored. It's noted an injured person is kept modest with sheets, except where the wound is. Thor and a friend spar shirtless. Couples kiss, sometimes getting a little wild.

Violence:The opening takes place immediately after Loki's battle with Thor on the bridge. He has broken ribs, severe bruising, and other injuries, practically dead. The physical and emotional pain cripples him. He bleeds a great deal, faints once, and refuses to eat, though he does sarcastically wonder if he has to shoot himself to get some relief.
Darcy gives Jane her taser just in case their new visitor decides to do something threatening. Erik warns against waking up Loki by shaking him or something like that because his reflexes might cause him to hurt somebody. A magic master has a reputation for killing and maiming foes. Characters spar, at least once resulting in injury.
There's discussion of another of Frigga's children dying (both the mythological account and what actually happened). Loki recalls his punishment for it:Being chained beneath a giant serpent whose venom causes intense pain and gave him scars. Eventually, he was freed, but by then the damage was done. Before this happens, the aforementioned son threatens and plans to kill several characters.
The town Jane and the others live in is still a mess from the Destroyer's rampage. References to the violence that occurred in Thor and Iron Man are made, as well as ancient battles Loki and others were involved in. A couple of men at a restaurant threaten Jane and grab her by the hair. Loki takes care of them by using his Frost Giant's touch. Jane talks about her dad dying in a car accident. She herself hits a dog, then gets bitten. Someone's leg is broken under a truck.

Loki gets into a magic/sword battle with another sorcerer. A woman is shot and almost dies (there's an alternate ending where she does die).
End spoilers

Language:"Crap" is used frequently. "Freaking" and "Borr's ghost" are said once or twice. A character curses, but the words aren't specified (and strangely, he says "what the heck?" shortly beforehand rather than something stronger).

Drugs/Alcohol:A patient is given painkillers. Jane takes Loki to a restaurant/bar. A couple men are said to be drunk when they threaten somebody.

Spiritual:Magic happens. It's said to be biological as well as spiritual and mental. It also overlaps with what humans call science. Loki has some abilities that aren't quite explained. For one thing he can store objects in what's called Limbo. For another, he senses when the Cube is being touched. He encounters a human who claims to be a master of magic rivaling even the great god of mischief himself.
Loki and the other Asgardians may not be gods, but they have a symbol for Someone who is. When Jane hears about it, she says they just call Him God. She and Loki argue over whether humans were stupid or justified in believing that Asgardians were actual gods.
There's discussion of Valhalla. It's compared to heaven and it's said to be unreachable through Asgard. But occasionally, they see it (along with deceased rulers and warriors). There's an offhand mention of Helheim. Jane hums a tune she used to hear her mother hum; she found out a while ago that it was "Nearer My God To Thee". A place in the wilderness is described as walking into a living, wooden church.

So what were your thoughts? Did it shine? Or fall like a rock?

© 2015 by M.R.R.

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Vampirella2999 said...

This story had potential but its so cheesy and Loki is so out of character that I couldn't enjoy it as much. I've read way better Lokane fics since I first read this story years ago. The author's writing is very cheesy in all her Lokane fics to the point that I feel she used Jane as a self-insert of herself, another character she writes completely OOC. I've read a much better "Loki falling to Earth meeting Jane" story by an author called HollywithanEye

This is a common problem with Lokane fics; they don't write who Loki actually is in the movies but rather what they want him to be. No mischief, no cunning, just cheesy woobie. Loki is neither white or black, he's gray. But all his fangirls seem to think that everyone is against him without realizing he isn't innocent and shouldn't be coddled. They also write Jane as some type of teenager like wallflower personality. Its very rare to find a great Lokane fic, i've only read like a handful.