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Monday, January 26, 2015

Firefly Episode List

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General thoughts:Considering the show didn't make it to a second season, you'll have to look here for the general review.

1. Serenity
Premise:Not to be confused with the sequel film. The crew decides to take on passengers and soon finds one has a big secret.
Thoughts:It establishes everything pretty well. A good start.
2. The Train Job
Premise:A ruthless criminal hires the crew to rob a train.
Thoughts:This also shows more about the characters and has a good story. Worth a look.
3. Bushwacked
Premise:An abandoned ship contains more than just old cargo.
Thoughts:This one was disturbing. Still, not bad.
4. Shindig
Premise:Mal attends a party with Inara and her rude client.
Thoughts:Rather interesting, and gets into the Mal/Inara relationship some.
5. Safe
Premise:Stopping to deliver goods and have fun results in more peril than expected.
Thoughts:Simon was a jerk for a while and the overall impression this episode gives is underwhelming. But I did enjoy the scenes with River, especially when they showed the sibling relationship with her and Simon.
6. Our Mrs. Reynolds
Premise:Mal accidentally marries a woman and now has to figure out what they should do with her.
Thoughts:While the twist at the end was clever, the overall impact is again lackluster.
7. Jaynestown
Premise:The crew lands in a town where Jayne of all people is hailed as a hero.
Thoughts:While not the best episode (plus the Simon/Kaylee interaction is somewhat irritating), it shows a new side to Jayne.
8. Out Of Gas
Premise:This is the non-linear story of how the crew is running out of oxygen and appear doomed, with flashbacks to Serenity's early days.
Thoughts:This is where things start to get darker. Given the life-or-death nature of it, they may have been better off placing it later in the season, or *spoilers* actually killing somebody off. As is, it's missing something.
9. Ariel
Premise:Simon sneaks River into a hospital to find out what was done to her.
Thoughts:This one was pretty good, and better defines Jayne.
10. War Stories
Premise:An unhappy ex-employer of the crew returns for revenge. Meanwhile, Zoë and Wash fight about her relationship with Mal.
Thoughts:Might not be the darkest episode, but it's certainly the most violent. Overall though, it's a good one.
11. Trash
Premise:While hunting for a valuable antique, the crew comes across an old "friend".
Thoughts:This was more a fun episode, which considering the darker streak the show has going on for a while, isn't unwelcome.
12. The Message
Premise:A war buddy of Mal's and Zoë's is found dead.
Thoughts:This was at its best when musing on death or focusing on the plot. The relationship drama once again was a minus.
13. Heart Of Gold
Premise:A friend of Inara's hires the crew to help defend a brothel from a ruthless customer.
Thoughts:This one was interesting, to say the least.
14. Objects In Space
Premise:The crew talks about what to do with River as her condition grows worse.
Thoughts:Good for River's character and relationships with the crew.

So what's your favorite episode?

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