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Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Because Wednesdays are my busiest day and because I'm lazy, I may not get around to visiting a lot of other blogs until tomorrow.

So they said introduce yourself today. Hi, I go by M.R.R. online because I'm too paranoid to use my real name, and what I write mostly is blog posts. And as I say in my profile, I love God, junk food, music, and superheroes. And lately, I have been something of a mess.

I'm just trying to get back into the regular schedule after Christmas. I needed the break, but adjusting to normalcy again could take a little pushing myself.

At least I can keep track of what day it is again.

But lately, I just don't want to go out and do anything, I'd rather just stay at home and ignore everything. And this sometimes means I don't work on new ideas even though I really need to get on them. My mind just seems to be in a dark place. Though that is helping with something I've been working on.

And I can't seem to make this post any better. So how has your year been so far?

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Chrys Fey said...

Hi, M.R.R.! I know how you feel. Last year I was in a tough spot, dark in mind, depressed, and not wanting to go outside my home. I hope things get better for you!

IWSG Co-host

M.R. R. said...

@ Chrys Fey

VR Barkowski said...

We all get in a dark place occasionally. While it's definitely miserable, the fact you're using some of those emotions in your work is awesome. That said. I hope things brighten up soon.

VR Barkowski

M.R. R. said...

@ VR Barkowski
Let's hope so. Thanks for visiting.

Birgit said...

the weather doesn't help probably. Right now it is -15 C here. Sometimes a good ole movie helps and I hope this doesn't last too long. I still have my Christmas stuff up:)

M.R. R. said...

@ Birgit
I'm weird that way because I actually prefer the weather a little colder. But then it's a lot warmer here right now. Still, it gives me an excuse to stay inside.

Emma Adams said...

I always get a bit demotivated in winter. Hopefully it'll look up soon!

M.R. R. said...

@ Emma Adams

Sarah Foster said...

I know how you feel. It's been hard to motivate myself to do anything for a while now. Hopefully things will change in the new year.

M.R. R. said...

@ Sarah Foster
I hope so.

Suzanne Furness said...

It can be hard to get back into things after Christmas. It's ok if it takes a little longer than you'd like, but I'm sure your motivation will return shortly. I wish you all the very best for 2015.

M.R. R. said...

@ Suzanne Furness
Thanks, and same to you.

Charity Bradford said...

Winter is like this for me too. It's so hard to get motivated. It's dreary and cold. My bed is warm and comfy and it's so easy to get lost in someone else's book.

All we can do is our best. If we keep trying we will get things accomplished!

Al Diaz said...

Seems we're sharing the same place at the moment. It might be a bit uncomfortable to you since I'm a dragon but at least I bring dwarves to serve us. :) I hope you can catch up and you leave the dark place soon.

M.R. R. said...

@ Charity Bradford
I don't think it's the weather that gets me so much as it is coming back from the Christmas break. Getting used to the usual stuff again is like wanting to stay in bed when you need to get up.

M.R. R. said...

@ Al Diaz
I'm getting there.