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Monday, January 19, 2015

Movie Review:Hitch

Premise:A man who makes a living teaching guys how to interact with women starts dating a gossip columnist trying to expose him.

Cast:Will Smith as Alex "Hitch" Hitchens, Eva Mendes as Sara Melas, Kevin James as Albert Brennaman, Amber Valletta as Allegra Cole, Julie Ann Emery as Casey, Jeffrey Donovan as Vance

Director:Andy Tennant

MPAA Rating:PG-13 for language and some strong sexual references

Genres:Comedy, romance

Notes:Poster taken from IMP Awards.

Pros:Will Smith isn't bad. Interesting premise.

Cons:Obnoxious characters. The ending.

Sometimes, approaching a woman can be intimidating. Sometimes, you just want a little help. That is where the date doctor Hitch comes in. He can tell you how to show interest without coming on too strong, how to get to know her a little better, and what to say.

Will Smith and his character aren't so bad. He manages to carry the movie most of the way because he's slick, but not in a jerk-ish way. But several other characters are just plain insufferable. Albert's kind of pathetic and poor judgment get annoying within a few minutes and he just isn't that interesting because he's too over-the-top. Also, as others have pointed out, Hitch's love interest Sara is a terrible journalist, even if it's for a gossip column, and does some things that she was forgiven for too easily. Her friend Casey was gullible-desperate, so much that it's hard to feel much sympathy for her when she goes for the guy who's clearly not a good choice because she doesn't want to be alone.

The ending was cringeworthy because Hitch gets abused and chewed out for no good reason and because things went south in certain areas. Really, what did he do that was so horrible or negative? And one of the "couple-getting-back-together" scenes is just plain awful.

Overall, it's an OK romantic comedy. If you like the genre and this comes on TV, it might be worth sitting through.

Sex:Sex is mentioned throughout. While Hitch's tips do help men get sex, his intention is to kick start a relationship, though rumors suggest otherwise. He turns down one guy whose only goal is to sleep with a woman and calls him a woman-hating pig. He advises his clients not to focus on the woman's mouth or picture her naked while she talks (the camera angle making it obvious a man is staring at his date's boobs) and where to touch her on the back so as not to come off as wanting to be just friends or grab her butt. Hitch role plays with a guy to prepare him for date, so they talk about how to kiss a woman (and then they accidentally end up kissing). A woman and a gay man wonder if Hitch can help them with their respective love lives.
A man talks about how great marriage is, but is struck speechless when a beautiful woman walks by. His friend then brags he can take women home because he's single.
A woman tries to tell a man she's not interested, but he doesn't leave her alone until a different guy pretends to be her boyfriend. She wonders why men want to, in her words, "screw everything that walks", particularly when they're dating supermodels. Someone asks if Albert is gay. There's a visual innuendo involving a bull statue.
Sara's friend Casey meets a guy while they're both shopping for lingerie. He claims it's for his mom, but Casey is advised not to trust him. She ignores this advice and the two go on a date that ends in sex.
Woman show cleavage and in a couple of cases, belly or butt is on display as well. Couples kiss and one pair are shown in bed together. Infidelity comes up. There are one-off references to topless bars and big boobs. A man shakes his butt while dancing and is told women equate dancing with sex.

Violence:When Hitch and Sara go out on jet skis, he accidentally kicks her in the head and knocks her into the water. A guy is kneed in the crotch. Albert chokes a guy he thinks is a romantic rival, trashes his office and a newsstand, and accidentally breaks stuff. Hitch has a horrible allergic reaction that causes half his face to swell up.
There's a reference to a mass murderer and a story about a girl falling through ice (she survived). A couple throw food at each other. Hitch pins a guy and warns him not to touch him again. A man is thrown from a car roof. A guy contemplates suicide after his relationship ends badly. The Heimlech Maneuver is used.

Drugs/Alcohol:People drinks at bars and on dates. Hitch gets high on Benadryl after an allergic reaction and says it would be good on the rocks.

Language/Insults:One or two uses of "f**k" and one "g*dd**n". Also "G*d", "J*sus", "h*ll", "d**n", "p*ss", "t*t", "a**", "crap", and "sh*t". There are sexual euphemisms like "screw", "bang", and "lay".

Spiritual:When Sarah's boss gets a glimpse of the outfit Hitch sent her, he quips they probably aren't going to church. Yoga comes up. A picture of a Buddha statue is in an art gallery. Hitch tells a woman her boyfriend would have sold his soul for her, she asks if that makes Hitch the Devil.

So what was your opinion?

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