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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Movie Review:Men In Black 2

Premise:J brings back K to help him stop an alien from getting her hands on an artifact while also making sure said artifact doesn't destroy the world.

Cast:Will Smith as Agent J, Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K, Lara Flynn Boyle as Serleena, Rosario Dawson as Laura Vasquez, Johnny Knoxville as Charlie/Scrad, full cast can be found here.

Director:Barry Sonnenfield

MPAA Rating:PG-13 for sci-fi action violence and some provocative humor

Genres:Action, sci-fi, comedy

Notes:Based off a Marvel comic series. Poster taken from IMP Awards. Edited 12/27/2016 to change the wording.

Pros:A couple good jokes. The worms.

Cons:The romance(s). Uninteresting female lead. Mediocre villain. Poor special effects.

Another alien artifact. Another evil extraterrestrial in disguise that wants to get their hands on it. Another day in the life of the Men in Black.

The best thing about it was probably the worms. They were kind of funny, if not the most useful creatures around. That should tell you a lot.

One of the bigger issues here is the romance. Apparently, the woman K was in love with last time is out of the picture and it instead gets into his relationship with an alien. And then you have J and Laura. They've just met and we're supposed to believe they're deeply in love. He even breaks protocol for her just because he likes her. Besides, she isn't that great a character anyway.

And on the protocol note, Men In Black are so unsubtle in this movie, you have to wonder how they're keeping aliens a secret. Plus, K's return can feel shoehorned.

Serleena was lukewarm as a villain. I didn't particularly like or dislike her, she's just not memorable. They don't get into her powers as much as they should, nor does she really get any depth beyond "I want this super-powerful thing and I'll use my feminine wiles to get it!"

Overall, you can skip it without much consequence.

Sex:Serleena sees an ad for lingerie and assumes the form of the model in the picture. A man pulls a knife on her, licks her, and says she tastes good before dragging her behind a bush. She eats him before he can do anything worse. The suggestive disguise is maintained for the entire movie (she even remarks she could rule the planet with the right set of mammary glands). When she proposes she'd make a good underwear model and shows off her assets, a nearby man faints. Once, the camera is at the right angle to peek down her shirt. She flirts with Z (who flirts back) and licks K's face.
J takes Laura to the worms' home to keep her safe, where they hit on her. She's advised not to fall asleep. When she gives J a goodbye kiss, all the worms teasingly go "oohh". It's implied K had a kid with his alien girlfriend.
K kicks an alien between the legs with no apparent effect, then gets told that this guy is a Ballchinian. Off comes the chin covering and wham. A guy gets upset with his buddy for a bad pickup line about "tonsil hockey and egg salad." When J decides not to wipe a woman's memory, he says maybe he'll flash her later. Z mentions having sex with his girlfriend with the help of the Kama Sutra. A guy wonders about aliens and anal probing.
Tiny aliens flood into a porn theater, right after they're told to give twice as much as they receive. Frank asks a guy if he wants kids, then offscreen bites this guy's groin. An actress wears a short skirt and a bikini top. A couple of pin-ups and a sex worker appear in the background. A woman is told a shy guy thinks she's hot.

Violence:Once again, the earth is in serious danger of being destroyed. And stuff blows up. Serleena casually destroys several planets on her way to earth. A ship crash lands. A giant worm tosses two agents around and rips off the back part of a train. Serleena whips an alien in half and out of his skin. Worms are found in two pieces, but they heal.
Offscreen, Frank bites a guy's crotch. Someone gets his head blown off twice (it grows back). A guy gets thrown through a window. Briefly is there a photo of a non-graphic murder. Snake-like tentacles worm their way through people's orifices. J threatens to roll up a car window onto Frank's head. Z kicks Serleena's face, but is easily brought down. J is whacked in the face with a tray. Aliens seemingly get blasted to bits. A woman is shot and killed. A bunch of alien drones attack J and toss him around.

Drugs/Alcohol:An alien sorting mail is caught smoking. K takes his cigarette, but once his back is turned, the guy just gets another. Other characters smoke and drink. J unsuccessfully uses a sedative on a grouchy alien. There's a bumper sticker about harassing people for smoking.

Language/Insults:"H*ll", "d**n", "a**", and "crap" are used several times. "G*d" and "b**ch" are used once each.

Gross stuff:A guy walks out of a bathroom reporting he clogged up the toilet and the girl at the counter will have to pee in the sink.

Spiritual:K keeps a locker full of tiny aliens that more or less see him as a god (there's even a guy resembling Moses), but they end up transferring this devotion to J. A tabloid headline reads "Satan Escapes From Hell." A woman says she's a Libra. Precognition is mentioned. Someone is wished Godspeed.

So what did you think?

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