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Friday, January 23, 2015

Movie Review:Warm Bodies

Premise:A zombie and a human fall in love during the midst of a zombie-human war.

Cast:Nicholas Hoult as R, Teresa Palmer as Julie, Dave Franco as Perry, Rob Corddry as R's friend M, John Malkovich as Julie's dad, Analeigh Tipton as Nora

Director:Jonathan Levine

MPAA Rating:PG-13 for zombie violence and some language

Genres:Romance, comedy, horror

Notes:Based on the book by Issac Marion. Poster taken from IMP Awards.

Pros:It's funny.

Cons:The dad.

Star-crossed lovers have been a thing since probably before Romeo And Juliet. Then zombies and paranormal romances have gotten pretty popular recently. Throw them all together, and you get this movie.

A lot of people have compared this to Twilight, and while it's kind of like that, it has enough difference from that to stand on its own. It is heavily a romance, but it also kind of pokes fun at zombie movies. And R's internal monologue offers a few funny observations on the world and the things in it. His initially awkward interactions with Julie added to it.

Sometime about Julie's dad bugged me. It's not that he's completely unreasonable. But he's meant to be that guy who loses hope and gets cold as the apocalypse goes on. I just don't like that kind of character, even if it would be realistic.

Overall, it's kind of fun. If you're looking for a date night movie, give it a shot.

Sex:Julie changes clothes and strips to her underwear while R watches from the floor and thinks "Holy s**t". Earlier, she offered to let him sleep in her room (on the floor). A guy is shown in the shower. When he gets a makeover, a smart-aleck plays the song "Oh Pretty Woman". Couples kiss and hold hands. A couple of zombies are showing cleavage (though I doubt it's really supposed to be arousing). A girl complains it's hard to met guys nowadays with the whole apocalypse thing.

Violence:Classic zombie movie violence (heads getting shot, people being eaten, etc.), though since it's PG-13 nothing gets too gory. The movie also has creatures called bonies, which zombies eventually become. They amount to dehydrated skin stretched out on skeletons and they scare the zombies.
A zombie pulls out a chunk of its own face flesh. Hungry undead chase after humans. A guy is shot and bleeds a lot. Julie throws a knife at a zombie, but misses the head. R smears blood on her to hide her scent.

Drugs/Alcohol:Humans search for medical supplies. It's sarcastically suggested that a pair of uptight people take Prozac. Wineglasses appear in the background. R brings Julie a beer. Apparently, she was grounded for a year after she got caught stealing peach schnapps. Wine is served to celebrate an anniversary.

Language/Insults:One use of "f**k" and an interrupted "motherf**ker". "S**t" and "G*d" are said several times. "B**ch", "a**", and "h*ll"are also said.

Spiritual:Zombies, the undead, and coming back to life are all themes. Someone says "Godspeed, and God bless America". Song lyrics mentioned something about "the telegraph to your soul". One of the zombies is wearing a turban.

So what was your opinion?

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