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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Things Superhero Stories Should Stop Doing

As you're probably aware, I am a huge fan of superheroes. But there are some plots and subplots that really just should either go for a long vacation, or just leave and never come back because they're either overused or have been mangled too often.

Shoehorning romance into it
Super romances aren't always a bad thing. A few of my favorite couples come from Avengers. And the romantic subplot is one of the few things I liked about Iron Man 3. But that doesn't mean every single hero or their story-line will benefit from relationship drama (*cough* Smallville *cough*). Don't stick a romantic subplot in it just because you think you have to.

Losing powers
At this point, it's cliché and it very rarely lasts. Plus, if you don't have a explanation that actually makes sense, it feels like you pulled it out of thin air.

  Whining "I'm different"
Everybody wants to have some kind of normalcy, but if you're not careful about how you present this, it can make your character sound whiny. Do they worry they'll hurt someone with their powers? Then wishing to be normal a lot might be okay. Do they just hate feeling different? You can reference this, but don't overdo it.

Dressing female characters in impractical outfits for sexiness
Made by yours truly with Heromachine 2.5 and some photo editors. 

People have said they're done with this. And it's sexist because it implies that women must always look good/hot.

Giving poor excuses for not telling their friends about their powers
 Usually, the argument they make is somewhere along the lines of "telling her will put her in danger." The problem is it's not telling her that makes it dangerous; it's being associated with a superhero in the first place. Unless they can't keep their mouths shut or they'll stress about it too much, why not tell them?

Creating plot holes

Almost any superhero film I call recall watching recently have had plot problems. The characters' plans don't make sense, a twist is pulled out of nowhere, and many other issues. Please, in the future, have the plot actually make some sense.

Pushing minor characters aside
If you have a good character, use them. Don't relegate them to the background.

You got anything to add?

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