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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What About The End?

The end of the world has somehow been discussed by more than one source in my life lately. And frankly, I'd like to push it back to one of the back corners of my mind. It's one of those subjects like politics and news:I know I should study it further, but I hate to because it's depressing and leads to a lot of people arguing.

Now this is connected to Christianity for me. The Bible has plenty to say about it, especially in the confusing and disturbing read you'll find in the book of Revelation. You can't be %100 percent what all the symbolism means, but there's a lot of death, suffering, and evil going on.

But I'm not entirely convinced the end of the world is happening soon. We've seen people ignoring God, Christians being persecuted, general unrest, wars, diseases, and more since Jesus rose again. But one of my friends seems to think otherwise. Granted, she's what one might call a more mature Christian. I still have my doubts.

And I'm scared.

There is nothing pleasant or easy about how this universe will make its exit. The prophecies say that human kindness and goodwill drop to an all-time low while blasphemy, hatred, and violence get much worse. It's frightening to think we are capable of worse things that ever before.

I'm afraid I won't be strong enough.

So I'll just end up pushing this to the back of my mind, watching a movie or something and forgetting about Armageddon. At least until my Bible study gets to Revelation.

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