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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Album Review:Awake


Songwriters and composers:John L. Cooper, Korey Cooper, Gavin Brown, Brian Howes, Dave Bassett

Genres:Christian rock

Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:I'm not the only one who noticed the strange connection of titles (first Comatose, then Awake).

The  three main subjects here are internal conflict, break-ups, and death. It's also more blatantly religious than their last album. Lyrically, it often ends up being lackluster. Most of the break-up songs are either typical or come off as obnoxious. But the ones that may or may not be about death end up being strong, as do the more spiritual tracks. And it's good sound-wise.

Overall, while it's fairly good, it's not their best. Give it a single listen to see if you like it.

Track Listing

1. Hero
Thoughts:When things look bleak, do you just feel helpless and like you need someone to save you? Fairly good.
2. Monster
Thoughts:This one's about a malicious side of yourself that threatens to take over you. It's somewhat cheesy, but not a bad listen.
3. Don't Wake Me
Thoughts:This is about either a break-up or a death. In either case, it hurts a lot and you don't want to stop dreaming about the good things that did or could have happened. Great song.
4. Awake And Alive
Thoughts:Part of the Christian calling is living for God regardless of what the world thinks. It's a good rock song.
5. One Day Too Late
Thoughts:This is about doing things now because you might not get a chance tomorrow. To be honest, I've heard better songs about the same thing, making this a disappointment.
6. It's Not Me It's You
Thoughts:This is a break-up song, no question. It doesn't break new ground in this area, so how much you like it depends on your opinion of break-up songs in general.
7. Should've When You Could've
Thoughts:Another break-up song. Slightly worse than the last one.
8. Believe
Thoughts:This is a more remorseful break-up song. I like the tune, but the lyrics ("You should have known me by now") make it sound like you're refusing to take the blame. Not exactly a great thing.
9. Forgiven
Thoughts:This is about being forgiven by God for all your misdeeds and unfaithfulness. Not bad.
10. Sometimes
Thoughts:This admits to being hateful at times in a relationship and expresses regret for that. One of the best songs on the album.
11. Never Surrender
Thoughts:This is about feeling like crap and wanting someone to make you feel better. Not too bad.
12. Lucy
Thoughts:This is about the death of a girl (I'm told she's an aborted baby, but it could apply to women of various ages). It's pretty sad, and worth a listen.

So what did you think? Do you like it? Or did it put you to sleep?

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