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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Album Review:Cold Hard Want

Artist:House Of Heroes

Songwriters:AJ Babcock, Colin Rigsby, Eric Newcomer, Tim Skipper

Genres:Rock, pop

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:The last album of theirs I listened to came out in 2005. There are some noticeable differences.

It sounds kind of like various perspectives at different during the slow collapse of a society, out of order. I don't know if that was deliberate or not. Whatever the case, there's a undertone of darkness under the whole thing, even when it sounds upbeat.

Weirdly, several songs sound as though they've stopped, then suddenly it turns out they haven't. This makes for some awkward parts, but nothing too bad.

Overall, it's good. I'd give it a recommendation.

Track Listing

1. A Man Who's Not Afraid
Thoughts:This is just a short beginning that can be ignored with little consequence.
2. Out My Way
Thoughts:This is about making your exit on your own terms. Good song.
3. Dance (Blow It All Away)
Thoughts:This is about a couple that could be romantic, or create chaos. Not bad.
4. Remember The Empire
Thoughts:This sounds like something from either the eighties or nineties, both in sound and in subject matter (it's about an oppressive governing body). Weirdly, partway through it just stops, then after a little while starts again. Decent, not great.
5. We Were Giants
Thoughts:This reminisces about a time when we had more influence, or when we had more faith. In either case, it's fairly good.
6. The Cop
Thoughts:This is a softer and slightly more melancholy track about seeing pain and depravity can do to you. It's okay, but not especially good.
7. Comfort Trap
Thoughts:Here comes the satire, in this case regarding dreams and humility versus comfort and pride. It's best during the chorus, the rest of it is a little "eh".
8. Touch This Light
Thoughts:In this, the speaker finds peace in God. It's good.
9. Angels Of Night
Thoughts:This one is about angels praying for and protecting people. Not too bad.
10. Stay
Thoughts:This tells a person you love to stay, simple as that. The chorus mainly consists of repeating the title, so not a great song.
11. Suspect
Thoughts:Ever think everyone's out to get you? Then this song is for you. Overall, it's fairly good.
12. Curtains
Thoughts:Another really short song that isn't noteworthy.
13. I Am A Symbol
Thoughts:This is about being part of something bigger that will continue even after you're gone. Not a bad song, or a bad ending.

So what did you think? Did you like it? Or did you want something more?

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