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Monday, February 16, 2015

Album Review:Mark Schultz

Artist:Mark Schultz

Songwriters:Mark Schultz


Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:Having grown up in a Christian home, I came across a few gospel artists. I have mixed feelings about a lot of them, including Mark Schultz.

The two distinct styles of songs here are upbeat praise or "let's do something with our lives" tracks, or the slower and more sentimental. Parents may find a few relateable (did I spell that right?) tracks here.

Overall, it's not too bad. I'd recommend buying at least a few of the songs here.

Track Listing

1. I Am The Way
Thoughts:This reassures someone that in bad times, God is still there. It's a rather fast-paced beginning, and it's pretty good.
2. Let's Go
Thoughts:This, like the first track, moves quickly. It jumps up and down wanting some excitement. Not bad.
3. He's My Son
Thoughts:This is a plea from a father desperately praying for his dying son to get better. It's pretty hard not to feel depressed or cry when you listen to it, particularly if you're a parent yourself. Still, it's a good song.
4. When You Come Home
Thoughts:This is a sentimental song about a mother assuring her son he is always loved. Not too bad.
5. When You Give
Thoughts:This is about God liking generosity and picks up quite a bit compared to the slowness of the last two tracks, adding female vocals as part of the chorus. I'm not into it.
6. Fall In Love Again
Thoughts:This reassures someone that you will be there no matter what. Not too bad.
7. Cloud Of Witnesses
Thoughts:This is about watching someone throughout their life. Okay, not excellent.
8. Learn To Let Go
Thoughts:Here, a father reminisces about life with his kid and tries to learn to let his adult child be an adult. Not bad.
9. I Saw The Light
Thoughts:This is about finding God. Meh.
10. Legend Of McBride
Thoughts:This is a western-style track about a cowboy. Also meh.
11. Remember Me
Thoughts:Someone makes a quiet plea for a friend to remember them. A beautiful ending.

So what did you think?

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