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Monday, February 02, 2015

Album Review:Nothing Is Sound


Songwriters:Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman

Genres:Rock, alternative

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:More contemplation. More pain. More great lyrics. More of what I like to hear from this band.

So far, this is Switchfoot's darkest album. A number of songs are about pain and hopelessness. If you're looking for something to make you feel happy, you won't find much here. But if you want something to blast when you're feeling like crap, this might work. On the few hopeful songs here, they actually turn out pretty good. They acknowledge the pain, but offer something beyond it.

Be warned that this has some obnoxious copy protection. But from what I'm told, the DualDisc version has no such issue.

Overall, I really liked it and would recommend it.

Track Listing

1. Lonely Nation
Thoughts:Do you want something better than the lonely state everyone's in? Not too bad.
2. Stars
Thoughts:Sometimes you can find comfort in somethingstargazing even in the midst of a messed-up situation. Pretty good.
3. Happy Is A Yuppie Word
Thoughts:This is about entropy and hopelessness. Nowhere in sight is any admission that things will be okay or that one can still find happiness in the midst of this sucky world. But is it a good song? Yes.
4. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
Thoughts:After the depressing nature of the last song, this one still talks about being in a dark place, but nonetheless having hope. Definitely worth it.
5. Easier Than Love
Thoughts:This is about sex (but not in the way you just thought), how it's used to sell all manner of products and ideals, that we're all obsessed with it, and that it's easier than actually loving a person. Good sound, good lyrics, overall one of Switchfoot's best songs.
6. The Blues
Thoughts:Now we're returning to everything being hopeless. It's not bad.
7. The Setting Sun
Thoughts:Do you often think about making through all this pain and getting to heaven? Still going strong.
8. Politicians
Thoughts:This is about everything being messed up and waiting for the end. Pretty good, especially around election year.
9. Golden
Thoughts:This tells someone they are wonderful (more or less) and not to let go. It's weak.
10. The Fatal Wound
Thoughts:This seems to be about reaching the end, possibly through suicide. Not that bad.
11. We Are One Tonight
Thoughts:This seems to be about spending time with someone and forgetting all your problems, if only temporarily. Still good.
12. Daisy
Thoughts:This ends the album on a more mellow note and seems to be about letting go of the world because it "doesn't hold your soul." Not too bad.

So what was your opinion?

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