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Friday, February 06, 2015

Album Review:Release The Panic


Songwriters:Jasen Rauch, Jason McArthur, Johnny Andrews, Hunter Lamb, Dave Hodges, Mark Holman, Josh Baker, Anthony Armstrong, Randy Armstrong, Joe Rickard, Michael Barne, Rob Graves, Chad Cates

Genres:Hard rock, metal, Christian rock

Notes:Album art is from the official site.

General thoughts:So far, most of RED's music has been pain-filled rock/metal. And while this release does have that, it's not as big a focus. The screaming is confined to only three songs, so if you're into that, you'll be disappointed. Most of the heavier stuff is confined to the first half of the album, which to tell you the truth, is a little annoying to me because it drops off after that. However, the lighter tracks are pretty good on their own.

The deluxe edition features mainly remixes (one for each previous album). Even though a couple of them suck, I still recommend getting it.

Overall, it's not quite the same as RED's old stuff, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Track Listing

1. Release The Panic
Thoughts:This is about fear. Feeling it, being destroyed by it, and letting it out. Fairly good.
2. Perfect Life
Thoughts:This tells a person with a so-called perfect life to get lost, more or less. It's put a little more poetically in the actual song.
3. Die For You
Thoughts:This is about a broken friendship and wanting to make amends. The "oh" part of the lyrics are a little meh, but the rest of the song is good.
4. Damage
Thoughts:This is about feeling like crap about all the damage you've caused. With all the growling and screaming, I have to be in the mood for this one.
5. Same Disease
Thoughts:This is about two people who suffer from the same problem and one of them wanting to get together. It's one of my favorites.
6. Hold Me Now
Thoughts:This one is more sentimental and introspective. Pretty good.
7. If We Only
Thoughts:This is about fighting with a friend. It features the best usage of screaming on the album because it supplements ordinary singing. Overall, a great song.
8. So Far Away
Thoughts:This is about wanting to actually do something meaningful with your life. It's fairly good on its own, but I'm just not that into it. It also suffers from bad placement, since it starts up immediately after the last track while carrying a much different tone.
9. Glass House
Thoughts:This seems to be about God being the only one who can see through our cover-ups and insecurities. It's the only song I really like to listen to after "If We Only".
10. The Moment We Come Alive
Thoughts:Read the title to get an idea of what it's about. Honestly, it's not that great an ending to me.

Deluxe edition tracks
11. Love Will Leave A Mark
Thoughts:Broken love tends to leave a scar. Not bad.
12. As You Go
Thoughts:This is about being there for a friend. It's fairly good.
13. Hymn For The Missing (Guillotine Remix)
Thoughts:This gives the sad song about looking for a lost friend a more technical sound. Not that great.
14. Death Of Me (Guillotine Remix)
Thoughts:And this does much the same thing to the track about a toxic individual. Frankly, it ruins the emotion of the song.
15. Breathe Into Me (Remix Acústica)
Thoughts:This remix of a rock song turns it into an acoustic song. And surprisingly, it actually works.

So what did you think?

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