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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Album Review:Run The Earth, Watch The Sky

Artist:Chris Rice

Songwriters and composers:Chris Rice, Ran Jackson, and Ricky Jackson

Genres:Pop, alternative

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:I'm counting six albums on the communal computer.

God and a relationship with Him serves as a common subject or backdrop. When it's the main topic, there's an often longing feel to the song. And whether or not God is involved, it's often sentimental.

Overall, it's one of his better releases.

Track Listing

1. The Other Side Of The Radio
Thoughts:This is about music and what it can do for people. It's worth a listen, and good background music.
2. Everything's Ok
Thoughts:This one's kind of silly, but overall happy. Not bad.
3. Nonny Nonny
Thoughts:This is a calming song about seeing, loving, and thanking the Lord. Also fairly good.
4. Untitled Hymn (Come To Jesus)
Thoughts:This is a mild track that details everything you can do with and for Jesus, starting with finding Him and ending with going to heaven to be with Him. Not bad.
5. Smile
Thoughts:Here, you want so badly to be with someone (likely God) that you're not sure how much longer you can wait to see them. I would call it one of the best songs here.
6. 8th Grade
Thoughts:This reflects on the past and wonders why the future seems so scary. Kind of fun.
7. My Cathedral
Thoughts:You don't always need a fancy church or an old structure to find God. You can find Him and peace in simpler places too. Worth a listen.
8. Me And Becky
Thoughts:Ever wanted to do something risky with someone to see what might happen? The song is rather upbeat, and gets a "meh" from me.
9. Wonder
Thoughts:This expresses simple amazement at everything God has made. Pretty nice.
10. Spare An Angel
Thoughts:This pleads for God to help someone. Not bad.
11. Circle Up
Thoughts:This one invites all of God's people to dance for and praise Him. It's decent, but not too great.

What did you think?

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