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Monday, February 23, 2015

Album Review:The End Is Where We Begin

Artist:Thousand Foot Krutch

Songwriters and composers:Steve Augustine, Joel Bruyere, Aaron Sprinkle

Genres:Christian rock, alternative, rap rock

Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:With the kind of music I listen to, this guys were bound to come up sooner or later.

Lyrically, there are several mediocre points. Like in "Courtesy Call", they say "Let's get this place shaking like a disco ball". Admittedly, I've never seen a disco ball in use, but still. And then there's "Don't play me like a 3DS" from "I Get Wicked".

Sound- and vocal-wise, there is variety, from the computerized opening and ending tracks to regular singing to rapping of a kind to calm. It offers some good rock songs plus a couple calmer ones.

Overall, in spite of a few flaws, it's worthwhile.

Track Listing

1. The Introduction
Thoughts:A decent computerized opening.
2. We Are
Thoughts:This is about a group of people who are described as being things like "the strong" and "the voice of the soul inside". Good rock song.
3. Light Up The Sky
Thoughts:This rather aggressive track seems to be about declaring what you believe and being proud of it. It's passable.
4. The End Is Where We Begin
Thoughts:This uses a bunch of strange statements like "I'm a traitor/That means I turned on myself" or "I'm a monster/That means I'm misunderstood." Then it gets to the chorus telling you that where they start is where healing can happen. Fairly good.
5. Let The Sparks Fly
Thoughts:This one starts off with a creepy laugh, then shortly gets into screaming. It's about saving somebody from a dark place. Great song.
6. I Get Wicked
Thoughts:This warns someone not to push the speaker because despite his nice behavior, he can push back. Not bad, though some bad lyrics keep it from being great.
7. Be Somebody
Thoughts:This one's about being a voice for God and in another way, wanting to be more than what you are. Fairly good.
8. This Is A Warning
Thoughts:Here we have a short instrumental track that delivers the ominous tone you'd expect from the title. Definitely good.
9. Courtesy Call
Thoughts:I don't know exactly what this is supposed to be about (maybe people fighting for a cause that most brush off?). It's a good track though.
10. War Of Change
Thoughts:Something big is about to happen, and it'll change everything. Decent.
11. Down
Thoughts:This is one of the more aggressive tracks, this time about refusing to let critics keep you down. Not bad.
12. All I Need To Know
Thoughts:Here, the speaker simply says that the only thing he really needs to know is that God is there. It's decent, not great though.
13. Fly On The Wall
Thoughts:This is about a kind of confusing dream. First, it says something along the line of "we're all hurting", then goes on to wonder what the speaker would do if he could see everything and whether he would make a difference with that. And finally, it says someone got into his head that he wants to get out. Musically though, it is one of my better songs here, if not the best one.
14. So Far Gone
Thoughts:This is a softer track about wanting to be caught up in someone (likely God). Yeah, it's good.
15. The Outroduction
Thoughts:This is just a shorter version of the opener that doesn't really offer anything special and could have easily been left off.

So what did you think?

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