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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Album Review:Tonight


Songwriters and composers:Toby McKeehan, Christopher Stevens, Cary Barlowe, Jamie Moore, Aaron Rice, Dave Wyatt, Brian Haley, Byron Chambers, Jesse Frasure, Tim Rosenau, Mark Stuart, Ed Cash

Genres:Pop, rock, religious

Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:I think this might be the ultimate TobyMac album. But maybe I'm wrong.

Most of it is pretty fast-paced, with the slower moments few and far between. There's plenty of God-related songs with a few about other relationships here and there. Soundwise, it's a lot of pop rock with a few other genres here and there.

Overall, fans of TobyMac will find plenty to like here.

Track Listing

1. Tonight with John Cooper of Skillet
Thoughts:This is a rock track expressing people's desires to live for more. Fairly good.
2. Get Back Up
Thoughts:This encourages someone who's hurting and tells them the bad stuff isn't permanent. Not bad.
3. Funky Jesus Music with Bekah Shae and Siti Monroe
Thoughts:The message here is that all kinds of music can be used to serve Christ. While I like that part, the actual song is too cringeworthy to be worth recommending.
4. City On Our Knees
Thoughts:Lots of people serve Christ in lots of different ways, but we're all united. That's kind of the feel I got. Fairly good.
5. Showstopper
Thoughts:This one sounds pretty similar to "Boomin'" from Portable Sounds. And it's definitely the inferior of the two.
6. Changed Forever with Nirva Ready
Thoughts:This is about your whole life being turned around because of God. Worth a listen for fans of pop rock, and one of the best songs here.
7. Hold On
Thoughts:This one's kind of like "Get Back Up". Not bad.
8. Loud 'n' Clear (Trudog 10)
Thoughts:And now for Trudog's contribution to this album. Meh.
9. Hey Devil
Thoughts:This tells Satan to back off. It's not bad, but some of the lyrics just don't do it for me.
10. Wonderin' with Matthew Thiessen
Thoughts:This wonders about a lot of things. The future, what's worth giving up or keeping, and so forth. Not bad.
11. Captured
Thoughts:This one's about being completely given over to God and wanting a relationship with Him. Good song.
12. Start Somewhere
Thoughts:This is about a couple of people (maybe friends, maybe romantic) fighting and wanting to make up. There's a more (I want to say) Latin sound to it. Also good.
13. Break Open The Sky with Israel Houghton
Thoughts:This asks Jesus to come back quickly. Hmm, not that into it. There's also a hidden track that is just another version of "Funky Jesus Music".

So what did you think?

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