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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Album Review:Underdog

Artist:Audio Adrenaline

Songwriters and composers:Mark Stuart, Bob Herdman, Will McGinniss, Tyler Burkum, Ben Cissell, Charlie Peacock, Horatio Spafford, Philip Bliss, Pete Townshend

Genres:Christian rock

Notes:Album art taken from Christian Music.

General thoughts:By the way, you can get this in a two-pack with Bloom for about $5.

I couldn't pin down a particular, consistent style throughout. You've got headbangers, you've got softer rock, and so forth.

Overall, there are a few good songs, but the album as a whole is uneven.

Track Listing

1. Mighty Good Leader
Thoughts:This is a reminder that Jesus is coming and He loves you. That might sound like the makings of a soft and inspirational track, not a song for rocking out. It's good though.
2. Underdog
Thoughts:Here, the speaker feels low, but hasn't given up hope yet. Decent, not great.
3. Get Down
Thoughts:This is a catchy track about going down and being lifted back up by the Lord. One of the better songs.
4. Good Life
Thoughts:This one's about losing everything and then finding something better. It's okay.
5. Let My Love Open The Door originally by Pete Townshend
Thoughts:This seems to be from God's perspective to someone who's hurting. Not that good.
6. Hands And Feet
Thoughts:Faith should be backed up with actions. And that's exactly what the speaker intends to do, promising to go wherever and do whatever Jesus wants him to. Decent song.
7. Jesus Movement
Thoughts:This Mexican-inspired track's about finding evidence of Christ and His followers everywhere you go. Halfway through, it turns into a radio station, which doesn't do it favors. Meh.
8. DC-10
Thoughts:This is a party-type of track that's about whether you know where you'll be spending eternity and that you can die at anytime. Kind of good, but nothing great.
9. It Is Well With My Soul featuring Jennifer Knapp
Thoughts:This is just an old hymn with a bit of a modern twist. Not too bad.
10. This Day
Thoughts:This song seems to be about giving everything over to God. Fairly good.
11. It's Over
Thoughts:This one's about the end of the show, though strangely it's not the last song. We're done, pack up, go home. It's okay, if a little too long.
12. The Houseplant Song
Thoughts:This is a silly song about proving the evils of rock music using houseplants and speakers (although the way this experiment is set up, you'd need three plants instead of two and have one with the classical music then have one with blatantly Christian rock and the third with something else). Funny and worth a listen.

So what was your opinion?

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