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Friday, February 06, 2015

Annoying Things Fans Do

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Oops, wrong kind of fan.

As you might have noticed, I'm a fan of a lot of things. And I've no doubt done a stupid thing or two because of that. But a few people take it to new levels by...

  • ...treating their opinions as superior. If they should happen to come across someone who doesn't think their favorite movie/couple/singer/whatever is the best thing to ever happen, oh boy.
  • ...romanticizing villains. Don't get me wrong, an great villain is one of the big things I look for in a story. And hey, I can even admit that I find one attractive. But I can acknowledge that a villain is good looking and at the same time still realize that if I value my life and safety, I don't want to be within 100 miles of them. But some fans apparently do not understand that. They obsess over this one antagonist, they ignore all the bad stuff he did, or they make excuses like "they forced you to be evil." Sure, because the guy who tried to commit genocide is definitely someone you should date.
  • ...getting into shipping wars. There's nothing wrong with having a preferred couple or one you don't like. But that's no reason to insult fans of other couples.
  • ...making up rules about who is or isn't a "true" fan. See my first complaint. Some people just can't be satisfied enjoying something and letting other people enjoy it too, no. They have to decide anyone who doesn't do X must not really be a fan. I don't mean knowing basic information about a character or franchise. You've got to know exactly what day the comic debuted, be able to name every episode of the show, etc., or else you don't really care about it.
  • ...refusing to acknowledge any flaws in their favorite work. How dare you point out a plot point didn't make sense or the protagonist is shallow.
  • ...being mean to newcomers. Sure, you're going to convince lots of people your favorite game or show is awesome by treating the more recent fans like crap.

Anything else you've seen? And are you guilty anything on this list?

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