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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sad And Morbid Things I've Been Thinking About

  • The inevitability of aging and with it, constant physical pain, everything wearing out or failing to work, the people you knew for a long time dying, and a dozen other factors.
  • The world is in a miserable state and I'm doing almost nothing to change it.
  • I don't get involved in changing or stopping bad things. Although I also suspect...
  • That all we're doing just might be futile. Seems like just when one injustice dies, another rises up.
  • My faith in God isn't all there. Doubts have been popping up.
  • Am I doing enough to share Christ's gift with people? I feel like I'm not.
  • Is all this political correctness out there eating my brain?
  • I keep on putting off big decisions in my life. For how much longer can I keep this up?
  • Everything in our world is slowing breaking down. Society, physical objects, our bodies, everything it seems.
  • I'm too self-absorbed to actually do anything for others.

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