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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fanfiction Review:The SuperStar Apocalypse

Premise:A strange Avengers pairing messes up reality and causes the apocalypse.

Author:Artemis Day

Based On:The Marvel Cinematic universe (Avengers, Thor, and Captain America)

Rated:T (violence and general havoc, sexual references, and some profanity)

Genres:Humor/parody, crack, romance

Notes:You can read it on Fanfiction or Archive Of Our Own.

Pros:Humorously over-the-top. Gives you something to think about crack ships.

Cons:One "thank G*d".

When you get into a work's fandom, sooner or later you learn about crack pairings. You aren't sure why anybody thought of making the two a couple, and it's often plain ridiculous. But rarely do such pairings actually cause the world to end.

I've already said much of what you need to know about this. It parodies the concept of unusual pairings and the apocalypse, going delightfully overboard with the latter. The resolve of the conflict is also great for people who enjoy crack ships.

Overall, it's pretty fun.

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