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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Movie Review:Disney's Cinderella

I'm not going to be popular for this.

Premise:A mistreated girl is given the chance to be a princess.

Cast:Ilene Woods as Cinderella, Eleanor Audley as Lady Tremaine, Lucille Bliss as Anastasia, Rhoda Williams as Drizella, James MacDonald as Jaques, Gus, and Bruno; Verna Felton as the Fairy Godmother, Luis Van Rooten as the king and the Grand Duke, June Foray as Lucifer, full cast here.

Directors:Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske

MPAA Rating:G

Genres:Fantasy, animation

Notes:Poster taken from IMP Awards.

Pros:A couple of secondary characters.

Cons:The characters. Thin plot.

You know the story:Orphaned girl is forced to become servant to her stepmother and stepsisters, but she'll end up attracting the prince's attention anyway.

Almost everything good that happens to Cinderella here happens because someone else took pity on her. To make matters worse, there are some parts of the plot that become nonsensical or convenient just so she'll come out on top. For example, a task that should take a couple minutes is stretched out to make sure there's a happy ending.

The characters are nothing spectacular. The animals (besides Lucifer the cat) are all Cinderella's friends and they're decent. The villains aren't that great, with the stepsisters amounting mostly to sputtering bullies, the stepmother being just a little over-the-top, and the cat being the best of them. Even so, he's over-the-top mean as well, mostly because he's the villain's pet and he would eat the heroic mice. But why does he need to be mean to Cinderella too? What reason would he have for hating her?

Also, did anyone else notice how unnecessarily violent the king was? Yeah, wanting grandkids isn't a horrible thing, but executing your loyal servant for a failed romance he ultimately has no control over is. For the record, the prince has absolutely no depth. The Grand Duke was the most interesting character, since he actually has to work hard to save himself and find the right girl for the prince.

Overall, out of all Disney's classic films, this is far from my favorite.

Sex:The king really hopes for his son to find a wife and start having kids. Cinderella changes clothes and showers behind a screen (nothing below the shoulders is shown). And of course, a couple of kissing scenes.

Violence:Cinderella's parents each die offscreen. She drops a tray full of dishes in shock at one point. Lucifer and Bruno the dog don't get along, leading to chases, scratches, and falls. The mice are also in danger of getting eaten.
The stepsisters whack and yell at each. They destroy one of Cinderella's possessions. The king threatens to execute the Grand Duke and throws things at him. A chandelier falls and destroys furniture. A man is tripped and drops what he was carrying.

Drugs/Alcohol:The king breaks out cigars in celebration.

Language/Insults:The villainesses verbally abuse Cinderella with G-rated insults like "fool".

Spiritual:The fairy godmother uses magic to grant Cinderella a chance to go to the ball, with a curfew. The stepmother's cat is named Lucifer (how subtle). Cindy cries about having nothing to believe in anymore.

So what was your opinion?

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