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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Movie Review:Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Premise:A pair of married assassins who don't know about each other's jobs are instructed to kill each other.

Cast:Brad Pitt as John Smith, Angelia Jolie as Jane Smith, Vince Vaughn as Eddie, Adam Brody as Benjamin Danz

Director:Doug Liman

MPAA Rating:PG-13 for sequences of violence, intense action, sexual content and brief strong language

Genres:Romance, action, comedy

Notes:Unrelated to an apparently terrible Alfred Hitchcock movie. Poster taken from IMP Awards.

Pros:Watching them patch things up.

Cons:Moves slowly. Thin plot.

Sometimes, marriage gets a little rocky. You have some trouble talking, maybe you're not sure how to approach this person anymore. But you typically don't learn that your spouse is a rival assassin.

This is one of the most unconventional romance movies I've seen and it's bizarrely sweet. Even though by all accounts, I should be against the relationship (they got married a few weeks after they met, all the lying), I wanted to see them make up. I won't spoil how that goes, but it's kind of fun getting to the end.

However, the plot does have a few holes when you stop to think about it. This would be forgivable if not for the fact that it is kind of slow getting to the action, often letting supposedly tense scenes and setup last longer than necessary. Just keep in mind it's a romance first and an action movie second.

Overall, if the unusual premise sounds interesting, check it out.

Sex:Women wear some revealing outfits (showing cleavage, midriff, leg, etc.) and guys go shirtless. To get close to a target, Jane dresses in dominatrix gear and uses a whip on the guy while talking about how he's a bad boy who needs to be punished. Then she snaps his neck.
The Smith's marriage counselor asks how often they have sex. They're reluctant to answer (but later they've thought about it and have improved in that area). The couple trade some suggestive quips during fights (such as "you should be used to [rolling over and playing dead]") and compare body counts like they're past sex partners. While on the job, they often remove their wedding rings. And when their fighting gets physical, there's sexual imagery to it.
A pair of dancers grind against each other and are implied to have sex later. A couple of guys make patronizing passes at women. A woman references her lesbianism. A guy talks about evil women and the joys of being single. A couple kisses and removes clothing, later shown in just underwear and the guy's shirts.

Violence:Since the main characters are both assassins, you've probably gathered that a lot of people die. Injuries, damage, and death happen through shootings, car crashes, rockets, neck snaps, explosions, plummeting elevators, beat-downs, etc. People pick up some noticeable wounds.
A pair of rivals hunt each other through a house and end up destroying the place. Enemies slam each other into things. A store is demolished through gunfire. John gets beaten up in a wrestling match. A man is told his thumbs will be removed with pliers if he doesn't talk.

Drugs/Alcohol:Booze is served at dinner and scenes take place in bars. People drink socially and in response to stress. A guy smokes a cigarette.

Language/Insults:One use of the f-bomb and of "p*ssy". Also a few uses of "J*sus", "G*d", "h*ll", "p*ss", "s**t", "b**ch", "Chr*st", and "crap".

Spiritual:The titular couple end up stealing their Christian neighbors' van, which has a cross hanging from the the rear view mirror and some kind of prominently Christian team jackets in the back. Jane mentions she's Jewish. John says to his wife "See you in the next life", to which she says "Likewise".

So what was your opinion?

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