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Friday, February 20, 2015

TV Review:Adventure Time Season 1

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General thoughts:And so our story of heroism, innuendo, and quirkiness begins.

I kind of wish they had included the short that got the series off the ground. And the first episode wasn't the best to start off. But after that, it gets better. Characters are introduced and established well, as are relationships.

And it seems like every episode that included the Ice King was a good one. Maybe I just like his character. On the other hand, the episodes that introduced Marceline weren't that great. She's a great character later on in the show, but for now, she's kind of annoying.

Overall, it's at a good price for a good start.

Episode list

1. Slumber Party Panic
Premise:Finn has to keep the Candy people distracted and protected when sugar-hungry zombies encroach on the kingdom.
Thoughts:Hmm, not that great a start to tell you the truth. Finn was kind of annoying.
2. Trouble In Lumpy Space
Premise:Finn rushes to find an antidote for Jake before he becomes Lumpy forever.
Thoughts:Not too bad. Also a good intro for Lumpy Space Princess.
3. Prisoners Of Love
Premise:Finn and Jake end up trapped in the Ice King's dungeon along with several princesses.
Thoughts:Another kind of fun episode and good character introduction.
4. Tree Trunks
Premise:Finn and Jake help their friend Tree Trunks to find a magic apple.
Thoughts:Good episode, though it also shows part of the reason I don't like Tree Trunks.
5. The Enchiridion!
Premise:A quest to find a book meant for heroes tests Finn's character.
Thoughts:Also worth a watch, and good for Finn's character.
6. The Jiggler
Premise:The heroic buddies find an adorable little creature.
Thoughts:It had some tender moments. Definitely good.
7. Ricardio The Heart Guy
Premise:Finn gets jealous when a guy attracts the attention of Princess Bubblegum.
Thoughts:Anybody else find Ricardio creepy? Anyway, Finn was a little obnoxious, but good episode.
8. Business Time
Premise:Our heroes hire a group of creatures who remember only business.
Thoughts:Also good.
9. My Two Favorite People
Premise:Jake introduces his girlfriend to his best friend and tries to spend more time with both.
Thoughts:The relationships between the characters in this episode were certainly worthwhile.
10. Memories Of Boom Boom Mountain
Premise:Finn's attempts to help everyone start to get to him.
Thoughts:Decent episode.
11. Wizard
Premise:Jake and Finn go through wizard school.
12. Evicted!
Premise:A vampire kicks Finn and Jake out of their home.
Thoughts:I'm not a big fan of this one because I prefer Marceline's character later on. Here, she's kind of annoying.
13. City Of Thieves
Premise:Can our heroes remain their righteous selves when they enter a population of thieves?
Thoughts:It's kind of fun, and a little twisty.
14. The Witch's Garden
Premise:Jake gets on a witch's bad side and loses his powers.
Thoughts:Hmm, decent.
15. What Is Life?
Premise:Finn builds a pie-throwing robot.
Thoughts:Good episode with some unusual relationship moments.
16. Ocean Of Fear
Premise:Finn is forced to confront his phobia of the ocean.
Thoughts:Not bad, even if Jake is a little clueless.
17. When Wedding Bells Thaw
Premise:The Ice King is finally getting married.
Thoughts:Also worth a watch.
18. Dungeon
Premise:Jake and Finn compete to see who can get to the end of a dungeon first.
Thoughts:Plenty of good action and monsters. Worthwhile.
19. The Duke
Premise:Finn must make a choice when someone else is blamed for his mistake.
Thoughts:Pretty good.
20. Freak City
Premise:Finn may have to get used to a mutant form of himself.
Thoughts:Kind of fun.
21. Donny
Premise:Trying to teach a jerk manners has some unexpected results.
Thoughts:I like Donny's characterization here. Good episode.
22. Henchman
Premise:Marceline forces Finn to work for her.
Thoughts:Meh, the Marceline episodes still haven't gotten to the good parts yet.
23. Rainy Day Daydream
Premise:A day in the house needn't be boring.
Thoughts:This was kind of fun.
24. What Have You Done?
Premise:Finn questions himself when the villain he captured may not have done anything.
Thoughts:It's okay.
25. His Hero
Premise:Jake and Finn try to use nonviolence to help people.
26. Gut Grinder
Premise:Jake worries he might be the gold-stealing monster everyone fears.
Thoughts:Also not especially great.

So what were your thoughts?

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