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Saturday, February 14, 2015

TV Review:Adventure Time

Premise:A young human boy and his magical friends have adventures in a weird post-apocalyptic world.

Cast:Jeremy Shada as Finn the human, John DiMaggio as Jake the dog, Hynden Walch as Princess Bubblegum, Tom Kenny as the Ice King, Olivia Olsen as Marceline the Vampire Queen, full cast can be found here.

Genres:Fantasy, animation

Notes:Adventure Time With Finn And Jake is the full title. Poster taken from IMDB.

Pros:It's kind of funny. Fantasy elements. Relationships.

Cons:Characters can be annoying. Some crude humor.

Imagine a world where you spend all day fighting monsters, rescuing innocents (including damsels-in-distress), and generally just being an awesome hero. Welcome to the life of Finn and Jake in Ooo.

The writing team has to include an eight-year old boy, a guy who's on drugs, and a former Disney animator. There's a lot of randomness and weird stuff you'll see just because they could add it.

The relationships between characters are a reason to come back for more. Whether it's friendships like Finn and Jake's, romances, parent and child, it's often good. It's never perfect, but it's fun to watch.

There were times when the main characters got on my nerves. Finn is just moving into his teen years, so he can be pretty immature (and Jake isn't much better). Princess Bubblegum can come off as heartless. Other characters that bugged me included Joshua (for being unnecessarily cryptic and jerky), Tree Trunks (for being clueless), and Lemongrab (dude, you don't need to scream so much).

Overall, if you like shows that are just plain bizarre, give this a shot.

Sex:There's quite a bit of innuendo, some veiled, other remarks quite blatant. Characters kiss onscreen and off, sometimes getting gross about it. The Ice King continuously captures princesses with the intention of marrying one at some point. There's discussion of crushes. Creatures are sometimes naked (meaning occasional butt nudity). Jake loves teasing Finn about his love life.

Violence:The main point of the show is for the heroes to face then beat up monsters and villains. The land of Ooo is what's left after the Mushroom War about a thousand years before. Battles are frequent. Characters break out the swords, fists, magic, and other weapons. Occasionally, characters wind up with lumps, bruises, or scratches. Stuff blows up, freezes, is set on fire, broken to pieces, and so forth.

Language:Words like "freaking" and "crap" are sometimes used. Mostly there are euphemisms for stronger expressions, such as "oh my glob", "what the lump", etc. There are also G-rated standards like "butt", "fart face", "crud", etc.

Drugs/Alcohol:If you count all the weird stuff as a result of hallucinations, there's that. One episode uses squid ink as a drink.

Gross stuff:There are fart jokes, which often feature a green cloud or gag butts. There are also references to stuff like feces and peeing. Characters puke, with the vomit often appearing onscreen.

Spiritual:Magic happens and is treated as something that's just there without much discussion why or how. Ghosts, demons, vampires, deities, and other such creatures appear. Characters reference a being called Glob, apparently meant to stand in for God. Meanwhile, the Nightosphere is more or less this world's Hell.

So what was your opinion?

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