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Friday, March 06, 2015

Album Review For Offerings II:All I Have To Give

Artist:Third Day

Songwriters and composers:David & Carr, Tai Anderson, Mac Powell, Brad Avery, Mark Lee, Robin Pasley, Ben Pasley, Don Chaffer, Beaker, Steve Hindalong, Marc Byrd, Helen Lemmel, U2


Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:No, I don't have Offerings 1. Haven't even listened to it.

The cover doesn't lie about the worship part. Every song here is dedicated to God in some way. Typically, it's about either giving Him everything, or praising Him for being amazing.

And even though it's not a live album, you'll find a lot of songs recorded live. It would have been nice to get the versions that weren't.

Overall, fans of praise and worship might like it.

Track Listing

1. Sing A Song
Thoughts:Have you ever been so overcome with emotion that you had to tell the person you felt it for? Not bad.
2. You Are So Good To Me
Thoughts:This one's pretty similar to the last. Also fairly good.
3. Creed originally by Rich Mullins
Thoughts:This is a live cover of an old gospel song. It's a decent song.
4. Offering
Thoughts:This offers your life to God because of everything He has done for you. One of my personal favorites.
5. Show Me Your Glory
Thoughts:This is a live track that asks God to be with you. Not bad.
6. Nothing Compares
Thoughts:Nothing can compare to God, can it? Decent song.
7. Anything
Thoughts:This is about wanting to love God with everything you've got. Also decent.
8. God Of Wonders
Thoughts:Hallelujah to the Lord of heaven and earth. Not bad.
9. May Your Wonders Never Cease
Thoughts:This wished to see God's miracles continuously even following our habit of being neglectful of spiritual matters. It's okay.
10. The Everlasting
Thoughts:This is about God being eternal. Meh, I'm more into the music than the vocals.
11. Medley: Give / Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus / With Or Without You / Your Love Oh Lord
Thoughts:This one is pretty long (four songs in one track). Too long actually. But it's some good worship.
12. Take My Life
Thoughts:This is another "I-give-you-my-life-God" song and invites the audience to sing along. Meh.

So what was your opinion?

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