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Friday, March 13, 2015

Album Review:Hello Hurricane


Songwriters and composers:Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman

Genres:Christian rock, pop, alternative

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:So after a couple mediocre albums, what have we here?

There's a lot of emotional moments to be had, from love to desperation to hope. It also has an almost even balance between soft songs and the more aggressive or fast-paced songs.

Overall, Switchfoot fans have another winner.

Track Listing

1. Needle And Haystack Life
Thoughts:This is about being with a person that is special to you. Not bad.
2. Mess Of Me
Thoughts:Does it feel like you cause most of your own problems and you don't know how to stop? Worth a listen.
3. Your Love Is A Song
Thoughts:This takes things into a calmer place and calls someone's love (possibly God's) simply amazing. Definitely one of the better songs.
4. The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues)
Thoughts:Then things take a more aggressive turn in this track about a world in pain and crying out for some hope. Also enjoyable.
5. Enough To Let Me Go
Thoughts:This asks a lover if they are willing to let the speaker go. Not bad.
6. Free
Thoughts:Ever feel trapped by your own mind and emotions? Ever asked God to free you? Nice and emotional.
7. Hello Hurricane
Thoughts:This tells the storm raging outside "Is that the best you've got?", and uses metaphors to say that suffering won't destroy the speaker. Worth a listen.
8. Always
Thoughts:This seems to be a message from a parent to his child. It's okay, but not great.
9. Bullet Soul
Thoughts:This is the final quick-moving song on the album, the kind of thing you listen to while you're driving down the freeway. Worthwhile.
10. Yet
Thoughts:Everything might be looking bleak, but you aren't gone yet. The mellow nature of the song and the insightful lyrics are what sell it.
11. Sing It Out
Thoughts:This a rather slow track that begs someone (God maybe?) to take what's left of the speaker and use it to make something beautiful. And they did by making this song.
12. Red Eyes
Thoughts:This ending song is about hanging on even when you feel weary. It's not my favorite, and might have been better placed somewhere else on the album.

So what did you think?

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