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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Album Review:Here We Go Again

Artist:Demi Lovato

Songwriters and composers:Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins, Demi Lovato, Adam Watts, Andy Dodd, Aris Archontis, Jeannie Lurie, Chen Neeman

Genres:Pop rock

Notes:Album art taken from Wikipedia.

General thoughts:Now you know one of my guilty pleasures.

The majority of it relates to romance, meaning a lot of songs about break-ups, falling head-over-heels for someone, and obnoxious exes.

Overall, if you like pop about love and break-ups, I'd give it a listen.

Track Listing

1. Here We Go Again
Thoughts:Ever had a significant other you should dump and forget, but just can't? With an almost-inappropriately uppity pop rock beat, it's a good song.
2. Solo
Thoughts:More on the devious ex front is a guy who tricked you and played with your emotions. It's decent, but something about the rhythm just doesn't do it for me.
3. U Got Nothin' On Me
Thoughts:This is where you realize who your significant other really is and decide to leave them. Things are looking a little better for this song.
4. Falling Over Me
Thoughts:This hopes a particular person is "the one." Not that into it.
5. Quiet
Thoughts:Sometimes, silence is scary. Wondering what could happen makes things worse. Something about the way the chorus sounds just doesn't work for me.
6. Catch Me
Thoughts:This is about an overwhelming crush. Not bad.
7. Every Time You Lie
Thoughts:Ever realized that your significant other was in love with somebody else but they refused to admit it? Decent.
8. Got Dynamite
Thoughts:This tells a prospective partner to break down your defenses. Enjoyable.
9. Stop The World
Thoughts:Love doesn't stop just because you say it must. Not bad.
10. World Of Chances
Thoughts:Have you ever given somebody another chance, but they just keep squandering them? Not really into it.
11. Remember December
Thoughts:This begs someone to remember the good times. It's faster paced, and not too bad.
12. Everything You're Not
Thoughts:This addresses a toxic ex-boyfriend to say he isn't needed. A few of the lyrics are confusing, but it's fairly good.
13. Gift Of A Friend
Thoughts:This has a bit more Irish-style sound and is about the greatness of friendship. Not bad.
14. So Far So Great
Thoughts:This expresses confidence in accomplishing your dream. Not bad either.

Content warnings:Mostly just infidelity references.

So what was your opinion?

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