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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Album Review:Live The Life

Artist:Michael W. Smith

Songwriters:Wayne Kirkpatrick, Brent Bourgeois, Nik Kershaw, Steve Lipson, Beverly Darnall, Cindy Morgan, Joanna Carlson, Michael W. Smith

Genres:Gospel, adult contemporary, pop

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:I have a confession to make. I don't actually like most praise-and-worship music. Maybe it's that a lot of the artists that produce those kinds of songs talk only about God. Hey, He's important, but He's not on my mind 24/7. This particular album offers a balance of that and a few other subjects.

Overall, I recommend giving it a listen.

Track Listing

1. Missing Person
Thoughts:You ever feel like your faith was stronger in the past or when you were younger? Maybe wish you could have that again? Then this is the song for you. It's a little long, but definitely worth it.
2. Love Me Good
Thoughts:This, by far, has the weirdest lyrics on the album (it also deviates from the general sound). If that's something you can't stand, then just skip it Personally though, I enjoyed it for its random analogies and sentiments.
3. Live The Life
Thoughts:This one's about proving God's love to the world by showing it in your life. Great song.
4. Never Been Unloved (Bruce's Song)
Thoughts:This lists off the ways we sin and act like stubborn children, then adds even so we are loved. The concept is nice, but the actually song gets a "meh".
5. I Believe In You Now
Thoughts:For Christians, do you remember your life before you and Jesus had a relationship? That's the topic here. Not bad.
6. Don't Give Up
Thoughts:This one is about not giving up in hard circumstances and has a bit more technical sound. It's okay.
7. Let Me Show You The Way
Thoughts:This is about helping a friend or maybe a lover find hope. Decent.
8. I Know Your Name
Thoughts:This is from God's point-of-view reassuring someone that He does know who they are and He's there for them. Not bad.
9. Matter Of Time
Thoughts:This is about a crush and hoping you'll get through to her sometime. Also not that bad.
10. In My Arms Again
Thoughts:Another song about a person you deeply care about (likely romantically), this time wanting to touch and be close to them. Not that into the song.
11. Song For Rich
Thoughts:This is a short, instrumental track. It's kind of pretty.
12. Hello, Goodbye
Thoughts:This more mellow track seems to be about a baby dying. A little long, but a good way to end it.

So what were your thoughts?

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