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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Album Review:Rise


Songwriters and composers:John L. Cooper, Korey Cooper, Scott Stevens, Zac Maloy, Tom Douglas, David Hodges, Brian Howes, Joshua Hartzler

Genres:Hard rock

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:So how is Skillet's newer stuff?

A handful of songs suffer from feeling generic. It's supposed to be a rock opera, but doesn't really work that part well. Plus, having an extra voice-over bit after the main song has ended gets annoying when you aren't listening to the album from beginning to end. But on the bright side, they do offer a few good tracks about determination and faith.

Overall, it isn't their best, but it's still worth a listen.

Track Listing

1. Rise
Thoughts:Think almost any "we're revolting tonight" song and you have the idea. It's not a bad song, it just doesn't do much to make itself distinctive.
2. Sick Of It
Thoughts:If by "it", you mean this song, I can be before too long. Like the last song, this comes off as generic. Plus, the rhythm just isn't that great.
3. Good To Be Alive
Thoughts:This is about feeling good even when things might not turn out so well. Decent.
4. Not Gonna Die
Thoughts:This is where the album starts to take off. The idea is that you've been broken, humiliated, and hurt relentlessly but you aren't giving up. It's reminiscent of "Awake And Alive", and definitely worth a listen.
5. Circus For A Psycho
Thoughts:In this, somebody's constantly pushing you and trying to destroy you, and you are so tired of it. The chorus isn't great lyrically, but it's not too bad a song.
6. American Noise
Thoughts:This just tells you to let love through. Decent, not great.
7. Madness In Me
Thoughts:Here, someone risks being smothered by their own anger. Not bad.
8. Salvation
Thoughts:This is where things get a little softer and more spiritual. Specifically, it's about God being your salvation and helping you survive. In turn, you want to be with Him. Good song.
9. Fire And Fury
Thoughts:This is about a couple willing to suffer for each other. That might sound a little saccharine, but it's really not. Fairly good.
10. My Religion
Thoughts:One does not find salvation through good deeds or religious rituals, but only through Christ. And while the track goes a little too far with the "can't tell me how to love God" thing near the end (plus the weird "Amazing Grace" chorus), it's worth a listen.
11. Hard To Find
Thoughts:This is about God giving you hope even when everything looks bleak. Not bad.
12. What I Believe
Thoughts:This one is similar to the last one (perhaps too similar) and is about being devoted to God. It's a decent listen, but the end awkwardly cuts off.

Deluxe edition

Bonus tracks

13. Battle Cry
Thoughts:More "don't give up" and "we will always make it because of love". Not too bad.
14. Everything Goes Black
Thoughts:Do you ever feel like if someone leaves, they take your heart with them? That's exactly what's going on here. Meh.
15. Freakshow
Thoughts:This is a more aggressive track about nonconformity and not caring about judgmental people. It's the best of the bonus songs.

DVD features

1. Whispers In The Dark
2. Behind The Scenes 1
3. Comatose
4. Awake And Alive
5. Those Nights
6. Behind The Scenes 2
7. Hero
8. The Last Night
9. Lucy
10. Behind The Scenes 3
11. Monster
12. Rebirthing
Bonus:The Making Of Rise

So what was your opinion?

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