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Friday, March 20, 2015

Album Review:The String Quartet Tribute To Evanescence

Artist:Vitamin String Quartet


Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:How do you like tribute albums in general?

With tracks like "My Immortal" and "Hello", the emotion failed to translate from the original lyrics to the instrumental. However, with songs like "Whisper" or "Haunted", it works rather well.

Overall, fans of both classical music and Evanescence will likely enjoy it.

Track Listing

1. Going Under
2. Bring Me To Life
3. Tourniquet
4. My Immortal
5. Imaginary
6. Haunted
7. Hello
8. Taking Over Me
9. Whisper
10. Undertowed (original composition inspired by the music of Evanescence)

So what was your opinion?

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