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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Book Review:The Church Case Scenario

Authors:Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz

Subject matter:Humor, church, spiritual, Christian life

Notes:Cover taken from Amazon.

Pros:Treats God with respect.

Cons:Not as funny as it could be.

If you've been to any kind of church or Bible study for long, then you've come across one or two crazy situations. And you've probably encountered a few that made you facepalm. And they are just begging for a snarky response.

As they point out in the first section, this book is made mainly to poke fun at bizarre church traditions and customs, but never at God Himself. That could have made for a hilarious book, but instead it's more an occasional chuckler. Although the section on hypocrites was pretty funny.

Part of the problem was that they ended up going somewhere between serious and funny. I'm not against this kind of style (it describes half the YouTube channels I watch), but it just wasn't done right.

Overall, if you can find it for cheap, it might be worth a look, but it's not a must-read.

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Barbara In Caneyhead said...

No one can beat the video for the "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" by Ray Stephens!!

M.R. R. said...

@ Barbara In Caneyhead
I should watch that again sometime.