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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fanfiction Review:Redemption

Premise:What if Jane Foster was in The Avengers? And what if there was a growing personal connection between her and Loki?

Author:Anonymous Companion

Based On:Thor, Avengers

Rated:T (sexual desire/threat and plenty of violence)

Genres:Romance, sci-fi

Notes:You can read it on Updated 12/27/2016 to change wording and add additional triggers.

Pros:Loki, of course. Incorporates Jane into the story well.

Cons:Confusing point-of-view switches. Spelling and grammatical errors. Hasn't updated.

Let's say your boyfriend is a super-being from another world. Let's say his jealous and evil brother has come to your world to conquer it out of spite. And now he has decided to screw with you because what better way to get at someone than through his girlfriend?

As usual, Loki is a great villain. Even though there are hints he's under mind control, he's clearly not a nice person. A lot of fans try to diminish if not ignore the terrible stuff he did, but that is not the case here. And Jane fits into the story pretty well. A little in and she's talking shop with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.

The author is a Loki/Jane shipper, so the intent is to eventually develop a romance between them. But given that most of it takes place when Loki is at his most depraved, the tension between him and Jane comes off as more unsettling than romantic. So far, it has been a pretty slow burn.

Without any warning, the next paragraph will switch the current point-of-view character and take you to a different setting, so be aware of that. There are also a few spelling and grammar mistakes.

So overall, if you like dark Lokane, check it out.

Sex:Jane remembers how infatuated she was with Thor and thinks Loki is surprisingly alluring for a monster bent on world domination (those aren't the exact words, but they summarize it). He's amused by the thought of her being attracted to him and makes rape threats.
When Thor gets angry with his brother because he may have raped Jane, Loki taunts Thor by suggesting it was consensual. He makes a few lewd remarks about Jane. It's mentioned that Thor used to be a playboy.

Violence:Much of the violence is what was in Avengers (meaning shoot-outs, destroyed structures, car chases, stabbings, explosions, battles, a sadistic and homicidal villain, and so forth). In addition, Loki tells a woman he will stab her in the throat with his scepter, chokes someone, and threatens Erik Selvig should Jane not do as she is told. A woman is knocked out, leaving a bloody wound on her head. Jane dives out of a moving vehicle (which results in broken bones) to escape Loki, who then stabs and tosses out the lackey who failed to keep an eye on her. Bodies are strewn about a room. A woman cuts up her bare feet on debris. Jane gets a rather sharp pain in her head.

Language:"G*d", "h*ll", "p*ss", "fricking", "bas**rd", "d**n", "a**", "b**ch", "cr*zy", "insane", "st*pid", "idi*t", and "sh*t".

Drugs/Alcohol:The Tesserect has an effect on people that can be compared to drugs. Meanwhile, an injured person is given medicine and told they can be sedated if they don't calm down. There's mention of Tony's drunkenness. Tony's line about Bruce using marijuana to keep Hulk under control makes it in.

Spiritual:As with the movie, Loki considers himself a god who is above humanity and has knowledge of magic. References are made to Norse mythology. Quoted song lyrics ask what a king means to a god and what a god means to an unbeliever. A woman tells Loki he will not have her soul, he replies corpses need no souls.

So what was your opinion?

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