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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Soundtrack Review:Avengers Assemble

Songwriters:Chris Cornell, Eric Bass, Dave Bassett, Brent Smith, Joseph Principe, Zach Blair, Timothy Mcilrath, Brandon Barnes, James Michael, Papa Roach, Jeremy Ferguson, Andy Biersack, SEAN BEAVAN, Blair Daly, Jacob Pitts, Doug Grean, Scott Weiland, Xandy Barry, Wally Gagel, M. Kasprzyk, Gavin Rossdale, Terry Balsamo, Amy Lee, Franky Perez, Jeremy O'Shea, Dave Warren, Dave Kushner, Keith Nelson, Josh Todd, Steve Dacanay, Mike Bordin, Roddy Bottum, James Martin Blanco, Michael Allen Patton, Bill David Gould, Cherri Bomb, Adam Watts, Gannin Arnold, Andy Dodd

Genres:Rock, metal

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:Who's excited for Age Of Ultron?

Following their big screen debut as a team, the Avengers would have to have a few songs dedicated to them (mostly rock and metal). Aside from one song playing in the credits, this is entirely music "inspired by" rather than "from". And for some reason, "Shoot To Thrill", the song Tony was blasting in the movie, never makes an appearance.

So how does it measure up? Several feel like theme songs for specific characters or for the group as a whole. Sometimes though, I thought "This sounds like it's for X character until a certain point in the song."

Overall, I enjoyed it as both a fan of the movie and of rock music. If you are both of those things, I recommend picking this up.

Track Listing

1. Live To Rise by Soundgarden
Thoughts:In this, a group of people declare that they will continue to rise. It gets a really rock-y part in the middle, not realizing it's not that kind of song since the rest of it isn't really like that. But it's still worth a listen.
2. I'm Alive by Shinedown
Thoughts:This tells someone that they've being living a lie and without the speaker (likely Loki), they have no hope. It almost sounds like a lot of Christian songs from God's point of view. Pretty good.
3. Dirt And Roses by Rise Against
Thoughts:This is about standing up during conflict and not giving up. Not bad.
4. Even If I Could by Papa Roach
Thoughts:This seems to be from Bruce Banner's point of view regarding he has done some terrible things because of the Hulk and he regrets that, but he doesn't like what SHIELD is doing and would refuse to die for them (if he could die, that is). Fairly good.
5. Unbroken by Black Veil Brides
Thoughts:"If we stand together, we will be unbroken." Not bad, could be better.
6. Breathe by Scott Weiland
Thoughts:This is a gentler track about being freed from bondage. I can't tell what it has to do with the movie, and honestly, this is that one song that always gets skipped.
7. Comeback by Redlight King
Thoughts:This is about making a comeback after you've hit a low point (probably meant to be about Captain America) and has less of the metal sound going on. Pretty good.
8. Into The Blue by Bush
Thoughts:This seems to be about Loki's greed or about a dark, reluctant love. Not too bad.
9. A New Way To Bleed (Photex remix) by Evanescence
Thoughts:Admittedly, seeing an Evanescence song here was one of the main reasons I bought this album. In the context of the collection, it seems to be about Loki screwing with everybody. Not bad.
10. Count Me Out by PusherJones
Thoughts:The speaker here feels like the odd one out, but still is not to be underestimated (I'm once again thinking of Steve). It's okay.
11. Wherever I Go by Buckcherry
Thoughts:Ever feel like no matter how hard you try to hide, something always gives you away? Decent song.
12. From Out Of Nowhere by Five Finger Death Punch
Thoughts:Not sure what this is about. Not too bad.
13. Shake The Ground by Cherri Bomb
Thoughts:This calls out Loki and refuses to bow to him. Good ending, although it cuts off for some reason.

Content warnings:"Even If I Could" contains what sounds like the word "f**k" and a sex reference. A few other songs have references to violence or use of language like "g*dforsaken" or "h*ll".

So what did you think of it?

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