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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Soundtrack Review:Firefly

Songwriters and composers:Joss Whedon, Greg Edmonson, Alan Steinberger

Notes:Album art taken from Amazon.

General thoughts:Loved the show, how about the soundtrack?

It tends towards either upbeat country/western style, or dangerous and dramatic. The order is a little weird, and feels random.

Overall, if you love the show, odds are you'll enjoy this.

Track Listing

1. Firefly [main title] performed by Sonny Rhodes
2. Big Bar Fight
3. Heart Of Gold Montage
4. Whitefall/Book
5. Early Takes Serenity
6. The Funeral
7. River's Perception/Saffron
8. Mal Fights Niska/Back Home
9. River Tricks Early
10. River Understands Simon
11. Leaving/Caper/Spaceball
12. River's Afraid/Niska/Torture
13. In My Bunk/Jayne's Statue/Boom
14. Inara's Suite
15. Out Of Gas/Empty Derelict
16. Book's Hair/Ready For Battle
17. Tears/River's Eyes
18. Cows/New Dress/My Crew
19. Boarding The Serenity/Derelict
20. Burgess Kills/Captain & Ship
21. Saved/Isn't Home?/Reavers
22. Reavers Chase Serenity
23. River's Dance
24. Inside The Tam House
25. Dying Ship/Nake Mal

So what did you think?

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