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Monday, March 02, 2015

Stuff I've Been Thinking About

Image source:Open Clipart

I said I would be taking a few days off. At some point, it turned into the rest of the week. Anyway.

  • I need to do more research about spiritual and political issues, with the recent one I keep coming across being homosexuality.
  • I also need to find reliable sources of information for this sort of thing. It might be difficult considering how biased everyone is.
  • For a show that was ultimately aimed at children, Batman:The Animated Series had a lot of sympathetic villains (like Mr. Freeze or Harley Quinn) and some genuinely scary or monstrous ones (Joker comes to mind).
  • There's a lot of cleaning-related stuff I'd like to get done and haven't been able to because I've been sick. Cleaning dust off some furniture and electronics wouldn't help my sinuses or sore throat.
  • Whoever designed the hints system for LEGO Marvel Superheroes must not think highly of the players' intelligence.
  • Mark Hamil is my favorite Joker, no question.

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