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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why I Don't Listen To The Radio

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I love music, but I really don't like to turn on the radio. This is why.

  • Most of it's crap:About 75% to 90% of what they play I just don't like.
  • They play the same songs over and over:I don't mind if it's a song I enjoy, but as I said, most of what plays is terrible. And come on, there are millions of good songs out there - why stick with only a few?
  • Poor sound quality:How many times have you heard a song over the radio that sounded distorted?

So how do you usually listen to your music?

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TheCyborgMom said...

I enjoy listening to the radio...but only when I'm in the car. When I get good song, I feel like I hit the jackpot! LOL

Sarah Foster said...

I never listen to the radio, either! It's probably why I'm never up to date with current music, but most of it I don't like, anyway. If I'm in the car I'd much rather hook up my phone and listen to my own music--that way it's always something I like!

Stephen Tremp said...

Very true. I'd rather listen to sports talk on a.m. dial than most of the crappy music being played.

Stephen Tremp
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John Holton said...

You're right, radio is crap. I stopped listening to it about ten years ago, and the closest I get to it now is the radio feeds of baseball games ($20 gets me every ballgame for the year, including spring training and the postseason). I loaded my music to an Amazon Cloud account and listen to that, or listen to Pandora or one of the stations on iHeart radio or TuneIn, depending on my mood.

John Holton
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Timothy Brannan said...

I listen to MP3s at work or while running. When driving I like to listen to books on CD or MP3.

Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
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Jeff Chapman said...

I rarely listen to the radio except to hear news. My reasons are the same as yours. If I'm forced to listen to the radio in a car, I generally flip from channel to channel trying to find a decent song.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

In my car, FM Radio, a CD or my playlist on my stick. At work I listen to Spotify almost exclusively. I like that there are very few commercials in the free version and that you can listen to only what you want to hear, build your own playlists and all and the best part is the musicians do get $ from it. At home, I seldom listen to music. But when we are all outside, my hubby has a kick ass radio that he tunes to classic country.
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M.R. R. said...

@ TheCyborgMom
It is pretty fun when you hear a radio station playing a song you love.

@ Sarah Foster

@ Stephen Tremp
I'm not into sports, so I've never done that.

@ John Holton
I mostly use YouTube to listen to music online.

@ Timothy Brannan
I listen to CDs occasionally for car trips. I use iTunes on my computer and my MP3 player for most other situations.

M.R. R. said...

@ Jeff Chapman
I sometimes skip around a lot more than I need to when I'm listening to MP3s.

@ Barbara In Caneyhead
A couple of my friends use Pandora.